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Am I on the TSA’s Watch List?

February 8, 2012



Nice badge, freak. Get me out of here If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I’ve been a pretty vocal critic of the TSA. (Not only here, but on Twitter, too). Based on what happened this morning at Richmond airport, I am starting to wonder if I am being targeted by the TSA as […]

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Senate Passes Bill Allowing Airports a Choice in Security

February 7, 2012



Dominate. Intimidate. Control. Private companies preferred for private parts. Can’t happen quickly enough: Companies wanting to take over passenger screening at U.S. airports from the Transportation Security Administration will have an easier time getting contracts under Senate legislation. The U.S. agency must allow airports to switch to private companies for screeners unless it can show […]

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TSA Has You Under Its Thumb, and Forefinger

June 14, 2011


I’d like “Private Screeners” for $1,000 please, Alex. Oh, no such category.  Too bad. The TSA has blocked a program that allowed airports to privatize their screeners, citing “safety concerns.”  So we are stuck with the mouth breathers, and all the inefficiencies that the federal government is known for.   Long lines?  Don’t worry.  You’ll […]

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The State vs. Nate

June 4, 2011


Thems are fightin’ words! You looked like you were a little distracted when you were driving. “His attitude and the way he went about carrying himself” were on the sassy side [according to the charges] — though there’s no law requiring citizens to display cringing submission in the presence of a policeman, either. Nate Cox […]

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TSA Forces Out the Competition

February 4, 2011


Last week, the TSA announced it will not allow any more airports to choose to use private screeners instead of the TSA. “I do not see any clear or substantial advantage to do so at this time,” the TSA administrator said. Federal government unions praised the decision, and took the opportunity to blast special interests.  […]

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