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Scarlett’s Grapevine an Untrusted Source in Battle

December 4, 2011



Coming from unofficial and often unknown sources, news on the grapevine was properly viewed with skepticism. Soldiers in the Civil War used grapevine to mean “gossip” and “rumor,” news that was not to be trusted. ~ Answers.com Just take my little ol’ word for it!  It’s true, boys, I swear! The Yankees are marching toward […]

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Where I’m Like, Totally Confused Man, by Local Blogger

October 29, 2011



Different paths in pursuits of happiness…. Checking out ObamaVille for myself…I had a different impression Local blogger Tom White writes about his excursion downtown to visit Occupy Richmond. He notes that he is “shocked” by what he found there. There were tents, hand painted signs, almost child-like art work in poster paint reminiscent of the […]

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