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Gallego Avoids Border by Trying to Change the Subject to Veterans

July 16, 2014



Sponsored ad on Twitter With the most recent Gallup poll showing that Americans now rate illegal immigration as the country’s top problem, Democrat Congressman Pete Gallego, whose district runs along the border and includes El Paso, desperately needs another talking point. His problem with finding one:   most of the major issues are losers for […]

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Castro’s Big Achievement in San Antonio Really Isn’t

July 13, 2014


Julian Castro

Last week, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly to confirm San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as the new secretary of HUD. The vote was 71-27, with 18 Republicans voting in favor – including Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn. Cornyn not only was an “aye” vote, he was very supportive of Castro from the outset – signalling […]

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Pete Gallego Can’t Afford to Cross Obama, Or Be Seen with Him

July 11, 2014



The clearest indication that the Democrats know the border issue is a problem for them come November is that they refuse to be seen anywhere near it. Otherwise, if it were a political plus, they’d be on the first helicopter tour or boat ride down the Rio Grande, Nikons in tow. Even though the Mayor […]

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Them vs Us, Part II: John Cornyn Says US Shares Blame for Violence, and We Should Make Accommodations

May 31, 2014



PART ONE HERE: Pro-Amnesty Pushers in Hyper-Drive, Gutierrez Attacks Laura Ingraham for Tweet ——————————————— Meanwhile, Senator John Cornyn made a quick trek to Juarez this week, where he held a press conference to declare that Mexico is safe now, so spread the word.   No mention of how many bodyguards traveled with the Senator. Cornyn […]

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Is Julian Castro’s Pet Solar Project Going Solyndra?

May 29, 2014



Mayor Castro’s deal with a South Korean firm to provide overpriced solar energy to the region appears to be going Solyndra, with KSAT news reporting that OCI Solar has laid off dozens of workers as part of a recent “reorganization”: A landmark 2012 agreement would put San Antonio at the forefront of clean energy and […]

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Julian Castro Seeks Way Up and Out of Texas

May 18, 2014

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HUD became a cabinet department as part of LBJ’s “Great Society” program in 1965. It’s mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD is working to strengthen the housing market to bolster the economy and protect consumers; meet the need for quality affordable rental homes; utilize housing as […]

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San Antonio’s Streetcar Project Will Benefit a Select Few But Cause Major Problems for Many

May 1, 2014



According to San Antonio’s City Manager Sheryl Sculley, public safety costs will consume 100% of the city’s general fund within the next 20 years. Those costs, according to published reports, include health care, pension contributions and prefunded retiree health care, and other benefits, including legal, optical and dental coverage. Yet, as the city tries to […]

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Shaun Kenney’s First Act as Executive Director of Republican Party of VA is to Praise Illegal Immigrants

April 4, 2014



Read it and weep. As the “Fast for Families Across America” national bus tour enters its sixth week, faith, labor and immigrant rights advocates traveled to Richmond’s Monroe Park Thursday to launch a four day water-only fast hoping that Rep. Eric Cantor will use his leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives to force immigration […]

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Mid Runoff Reminder: I’m Still for Will Hurd in the 23rd

April 1, 2014



Will Hurd (left) and Quico Canseco. Even the Texas Tribune sometimes forgets about Quico Canseco. In a recent online article “Candidates Hoping to Regain Voters’ Favor,” the Tribune put a spotlight on current candidates who have lost at least one re-election bid and are now asking voters to return them to the same office or […]

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A Potential Partnership In the Works Between Tesla Motors and CPS Energy?

March 27, 2014



The San Antonio Express News is reporting that a couple of executives of Tesla Motors “secretly” met on Wednesday with Mayor Julian Castro, County Judge Nelson Wolff and CPS Executive Doyle Beneby downtown. The electric car maker, based in Palo Alto, CA, is in the process of scouting locations for its planned $5 billion lithium-ion […]

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It Begins: Public Shaming of Utility Customers

March 23, 2014



And so, it begins. The public shaming of utility customers in our “community” who use too much. It begins in a way that most people can agree with.  She uses a lot of water and water is scarce! Aren’t drones handy???? They take such helpful photos of the offender’s offensive homes. Good thing nobody is […]

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Castro Brothers Cancel Buc-ees Boycott after Express News Calls Efforts “Misguided”

March 14, 2014



Twitter Trolls Joaquin and Julio got schooled by the editors of their local newspaper and have canceled their Buc-ees boycott. Awwww. From the San Antonio Express News Editors: SAN ANTONIO — So the owners of Buc-ee’s back Dan Patrick in the Republican runoff for lieutenant governor. Who cares? Apparently U.S. Rep. Joaquín Castro does. The […]

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