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NOTE: The website “Sarahforamerica.org” is not related to SaraforAmerica.  It’s a troll site.  [sad face]


9 Comments on “About”

  1. marriagecoach1 Says:

    My favorite kind of girl, a hottie with a brain. Tell your husband that I said that he is lucky.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder



  2. Sara for America Says:

    Too funny, thank you for the compliment, Mr. Coach. I usually make it a practice not to just tell him – but show him, too :).



  3. virginiaconservative Says:


    Just found your blog a few moments ago. I’m still sorting it out, but I’m always happy to see more Tea Party folks about. Like you, I’ve quite in interest in the Senate race though I haven’t chosen a camp yet. Unfortunately, the Donner folks have not answered my repeated emails and list no phone number on their website. Hopefully they are a little more responsive to other folks.

    Your post from Jan. 30 stands out to me as it highlights a lot of the same frustrations I have as well.

    Anyway, all I really wanted to do was just say hello!

    Until next time.



  4. Aesthetics and Politics Says:

    I am new at blogging and started my site a couple of weeks ago. Your site is very good , and “when I grow up I hope to be like you”.



  5. Wendell Walker Says:

    Enjoyed your story on Congressman Bob Goodlatte, thank you.



  6. Gary Says:

    Dear Blogger,

    Your blog has been chosen to receive a FREE ebook of The Second Revolution prior to its release on Feb 6!

    Represented by the Trident Media Group (discovered Tom Clancy)
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    What if a Rogue President took Control of America? Jake McKinley moved to Pittsburgh after his divorce. After being attacked in his home, he buys a handgun for protection. Meanwhile, things are going crazy in Washington DC. The president dies and is replaced by his vice president. Opponents of the new president are assassinated. Liberty is threatened. The situation escalates until Americans must decide whether to fight for freedom, or forfeit it. Jake decides to fight, along with millions of others, in The Second Revolution.

    The Second Revolution takes place in Pittsburgh and Washington DC. Rioting and revolutions occur around the country, as gun owners unite to restore the government back to the people.

    To receive your FREE copy, click “REQUEST” at NetGalley.com: https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/show/id/41891

    If you enjoy The Second Revolution, we request that you post a book review on your blog. Please send us a link after your review is posted. Gary is also available for interviews, podcasts, or other engagements.

    If you desire a review copy, but NetGalley does not work for you for any reason, please email me and we may be able to accommodate you in another manner.


    Gary Hansen – author



  7. theREV Says:

    Totally adore this site!



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