Eric Cantor Smells Like Desperation, and I’m Not Kidding

April 23, 2014

Eric Cantor

“Rep. Eric Cantor is out with a tough ad against his primary opponent Dr. Dave Brat for Congress. It is rare for the powerful politician to go on the attack during his bids for re-election.” ~Ryan Nobles, NBC 12, Richmond

Via Norm Leahy at Bearing Drift:

Just a couple of weeks after brushing off his primary opponent, David Brat, Rep. Eric Cantor has coming out swinging against the economic professor, with both a television ad and a website.

….it shows that Mr. Cantor has decided it’s time to play in the 7th CD, and do so with elbows flying. He has to, because, as I wrote on Monday, Mr. Cantor needs not only to put Prof. Brat away, but he has to do it convincingly.

Supposedly, (according to those who make a living off spin) Mr. Cantor has no fear of losing to Dave Brat.  It’s just that our public servant is awash in so much moulah he might as well spend it.

Well, that’s kind of an issue of its own, but for another day.

Cantor could be trying to show he’s not ready for the Cialis tub, proving his virility to fellow members who might be thinking of challenging him for Speaker.  

It doesn’t matter.  The fact that Cantor feels he needs to punch so hard, whether it’s down or sideways, should be very encouraging to Brat right now.  

Political reporter Ryan Nobles writes on his blog:

The attack line is not a new one from Cantor. His team sent out a fundraising e-mail shortly after Brat announced describing him as a liberal and tying him to Kaine. However this is the first public and targeting attack against Brat and one designed to specifically reach out to conservative primary voters who will go to the polls on June 10th. The ad was seen last night during the 10pm hour of Fox News Channel.

Brat called the Cantor ad an outright lie. He never served on a “Council of Economic Advisors” as the ad claims and he also said he never recommended that Kaine raise taxes to balance the budget during the economic downturn at the end of 2009 into 2010.

“Eric Cantor is out of control on this one,” Brat said in an e-mail. ” This is why I am running. DC has corrupted our language and our truth and our political system.”

Not only has Cantor launched an anti-Brat TV ad, an anti-Brat radio ad, anti-Brat robocalls — he even bought an anti-Brat website to attack his opponent.   His chief consultant Ray Allen is making hay, or bank, while the sun does shine.

Cantor’s worshipers supporters say all this silly campaign stuff is just window dressing to ensure a bigger win come June.  heh heh.  Me thinks Mr. Cantor needs a case of Right Guard.  The stinky is starting to ooze from his pits.

Let’s fact check Cantor’s new website:


Unlike our public servants, who seem to have more money than God, I don’t have Wall Street donor money to splurge on a so let’s just take it point by point here:

1. Eric Cantor proudly accepted an honorary appointment as the Poster Boy for Wall Street a decade ago.  Among his many gifts in return for donations to ERIC Pac, Cantor voted for TARP, which was essentially handing money to big banks asking for nothing in return.

2. Eric Cantor sat on his hands while Obama promoted his “if you like your plan you can keep your plan”. He might have raised his hands to protest now and then, for show, but mostly, he sat on his hands.

3. Eric Cantor said nothing to help Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in their proposal to defund Obamacare, and played games when he could have prevented millions from losing their policies.  

4. Eric Cantor continued to support Barack Obama when he advocated increasing the debt ceiling – and right now there are no limits to that ceiling.  Cantor helped stroke Obama a blank check to spend on his pet projects.  

5. Eric Cantor sat idle when constituents repeatedly called for townhalls, instead preferring to meet with leftists at posh resorts or pro-amnesty groups while constituents waited for nothing outside.  After meeting with LIBERALS who hate everything conservatives stand for, Cantor now calls amnesty a “boon for the economy” even though millions of citizens are out of work or dealing with stagnant wages and rising prices.

6. Eric Cantor continued to serve his own needs and the desires of crony corruptocrats even after promising, after every election, that there would be a fresh start. That “unless we act, and act deliberately, we’re not going to enable our kids to have what we have. It’s plain and simple as that.”  So what’s changed, exactly?  And HOW BIG IS THAT DEBT?

7. Eric Cantor pushed aside conservative House Committee Chairperson Jeb Hensarling to work with uber LIBERAL Maxine Waters in order to undermine Hensarling’s future bid for Speaker.

8. Eric Cantor is working with uber LIBERAL Nancy Pelosi to push amnesty on citizens who do not want it.

At The Bull Elephant Blog, Jamie Radtke frames Cantor as nicely as a person can:

Cantor has gained a reputation in his home district and in Congress for being sneaky, misleading, lying, and misrepresenting the facts.

He’s utilizing all those skills in his re-election effort. Practice makes perfect.

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One Comment on “Eric Cantor Smells Like Desperation, and I’m Not Kidding”

  1. Leah Says:

    Your number one fact is when my husband turned on him. It took me longer. There is no point in calling his office. I stopped after the Puerto Rico vote. The office told me he was bring yes even though the over whelming majority of calls was against.



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