Wendy Davis Can’t Solve Problems if She Refuses to Believe They Exist

abbott1   The Rio Grande Valley has “creeping corruption” resembling “third-world country practices that erode the social fabric of our communities and destroys Texans’ trust and confidence in government”. ~ Attorney General Greg Abbott


“Abbott’s comparison of activities in South Texas to those of a third-world-country is untrue, hurts our state, harms economic development in our border communities and won’t help the hardworking Texas families who live there.

I join you in calling for Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott to apologize for his offensive and erroneous comment that problems facing South Texas resemble third-world-country practices.” ~ State Senator Wendy Davis

Greg Abbott recently made remarks comparing practices in parts of South Texas to those of a “third world country.” The remarks were quickly seized on by Wendy Davis’s campaign and McCallen’s biggest newspaper, The Monitor, criticizing Abbott for “pitting white Texans against Hispanics”.

It gets so routine.  Every time a white politician tries to talk about crime or corruption in predominantly minority communities, they are decried as racists. How are we ever going to address problems in certain regions when that is the knee-jerk response?

As reported by the San Antonio Express News, Davis’s letter to The Monitor called Abbott’s remarks “hurtful to the state and harmful to economic development in border communities.”

“Our state needs leadership that is grounded in facts and is ready to open up new opportunities with trade and commerce which currently support hundreds of thousands of jobs in Texas,” Davis said in a statement to the Tribune that mirrored her comments in the paper.

The Abbott campaign responded via Twitter with a statement calling Davis “clueless about the (Rio Grande Valley).” She must be. The rest of us are certainly aware of rampant corruption in the Rio Grande Valley, it’s been all over the news. For months.

After Abbott’s initial remarks last week, I decided to travel around the Rio Grande Valley for a few (bitterly cold) days last week to come to my own opinions about the region.  After poking around Harlingen, McAllen and Rio Grande City for several days, I concur with Gen. Abbott.   Wendy Davis is not dealing with reality.

Visiting the Valley, the first impression is that, yes, indeed, inside the bigger cities of Harlingen and McAllen there appears to be economic vitality, the restaurants are busy, the stores are bustling.  But just a few steps away, and throughout the entire region along Highway 83, the business of politics appears to be the only commerce that is taking place.  Political signs everywhere, politics on TV, politics, politics….yet, the people I talked to, personally in random interviews (I’ll discuss this in a later post) seemed so unbelievably totally uninformed.



sign67Starr County Judge Eloy Vera has made news…..

Judge Eloy Vera, current Starr County Judge reportedly recently went onto private property to put his campaign sign on a billboard.  When asked by the property owners to take it down, he wouldn’t, saying doing so would “hurt his image”.   The police department declined to file trespassing charges.  Did you get that?  The police department declined to press charges even when the property owners asked them to.

The Judge is also  accused of property tax evasion.

Action 4 News visited Judge Vera’s office to ask why he hasn’t paid these taxes.

He said the majority of unpaid property taxes shouldn’t be under his name because it’s property he sold through his company.

He said clients are not filing the lots they purchased so property taxes are listed under his name.

“My first impulse was I’ll go pay them but then I said why should I?” Judge Vera said. “I need to run my business as a business, and giving money away is not good business.”







sign4When County Clerk positions demand expensive billboard ads…..

Here’s the truth that any honest and objective person would tell you.  Most of the Valley outside of the two major cities does resemble a third world country; the one immediately to our South, the one full of narco and political corruption, which the Mexican government is more than happy to export here.  (Some don’t even see it as exporting, just driving business northward into what they see is rightfully theirs for some reason.)

There is a political sign on every corner, every main road, in front of every boarded up business, every dumpster.  It appears to be a place where people have been indoctrinated to look to government to solve all their problems.  It is the most glaring thing that you will notice driving around the Rio Grande Valley.  Trash, lots of trash — and politics, as far as the eye can see.

I ventured into a Chilis off 83 towards Rio Grande City.  It looked fine on the outside, but I stepped inside during lunch hour and what I saw made me immediately turn back and get into my car.  Every single table needed to be cleared, not one table was clean enough to sit in and yet the restaurant was only half full.  I thought to myself:  If the eating area looks like this, what does the kitchen look like?  The WalMart parking lot was a train wreck full of shopping carts left anywhere and everywhere, where-ever their temporary users decided to leave them, even in the middle of the aisle.  Stray dogs sauntered around in front of a mall cop.

Is this a problem government can solve by throwing more taxpayer money at it?

There is already taxpayer money coming into the Valley.  As proof, there is a beautiful new HS on Texas 83:


Another new HS is being built in Starr County (on Highway 755) with plenty of wire and stone fencing.


Ornate stone motif walls adorn the sides of a bridge on 281 outside of Falfurrias — facing business that are boarded up.  The business of government is doing quite well, it seems.


Will politicians, and the politically entrenched admit to the problems caused by welfare-state progressive political policies that reward incompetency and failure in many parts of South Texas?  Don’t hold your breath.  Keeping the status quo is their livelihood.  Making promises, promising to change things and never doing so, is their modus operandi.  Wendy Davis, a star member of the progressive political class, is simply stirring the pot, posturing for the elites who make a living off taking taxpayer money and wasting it.

These are just a few photos to help you get the feel of the economy along the border, where those who are so pumped up to make Texas a blue state are in charge.  [I have over 100 more photos not posted that are just as bad.]










And it’s not just in the Valley.  Further up the Texas border, in El Paso, the political posturing is not much different.  They close their eyes to the corruption and creeping third world lifestyle there, too.

Richard Dayoub, president and CEO of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, said comments that elicit a negative perception of areas along the border are bad for business for all communities in the region because they lead others to question safety.

“The unfortunate thing is that we have vibrant economies all along the southern border despite misstatements and misrepresentations that occur,” Dayoub said, adding that several state officials in high-ranking positions have made “blanket statements that are detrimental” to the area. “But for every ounce of sweat that we put into the effort of trying to appeal to corporations across the country, statements like that set us back.”

Photos taken on my recent trip to El Paso:



A recent corruption scandal involving El Paso public officials who took bribes in exchange for awarding contracts might help you with background.

Lest this all sound too negative, some things are thriving on 281 at the Falfurrias Checkpoint:



At the international bridge leading into Mexico in Rio Grande City, Americans apparently are returning the favor:


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11 Comments on “Wendy Davis Can’t Solve Problems if She Refuses to Believe They Exist”

  1. Texas Patriot Says:

    You are obviously an expert in economic development and border security. I’d love to hear your plan for bringing the Valley out of its third-world status. If you don’t have a plan or any ideas, STFU.


    • Sara Says:

      A huge majority of Americans want the border closed and enforced yet Democrats in power prefer to use it as a bargaining chip.

      They won’t agree to enforce the border UNTIL their demands are met.

      Why so?


    • Enrigue Says:

      Exactly right. Dear genius behinde this racist article, it’s nice of you too choose only the disadvantaged areas to snap pictures of. Did you bother to check out any of the industrial parks of any of the cities you visited. No, because your visit was biased! What’s next. Do you want Mexico to take back the Rio Grande Valley. I’ve visited Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, they all have poverty striken areas which mostly “White Republicans” blame on residents for being that way. They don’t want to leave the life of poverty. I guess those areas are 3rd world like too. It’s nice to see people talking out of their A$$. Spend time with the folks down here. Winter Texans don’t seem to mind us. They live and eat along all those areas you took pictures of. We welcome them as we do you to really see what the problems are. Our governer likes the photo ops with us but that’s it. He quickly heads north to the more afluent neighborhoods to feel the love ($$$$) again. I guess Republicans don’t spend any money on campaigning! What a joke! Next time, I’m around the poor areas of the rich northern part of the state I’ll take some pictures too. Wait…no, that’s for scum to do. I’ll do the Christian conservative way and help somebody instead of kicking them while they are down.


      • Sara Says:

        Are your local Democrat “leaders” helping people out of poverty…..or keeping them there with their policies?

        They will do everything it takes to be re-elected…… and if they are you will get what they’ve given you in the past. Poverty.

        Look at pictures of Detroit. They look similar, don’t they? Democrat leadership = poverty.

        Corruption = poverty


        • Enrigue Says:

          No politicians, rebulican or democrat, only give lip service. Don’t come into a community and judge it or look down upon it without knowing it! Instead come in and ask questions and ask why politicians will be politicians. Why don’t you drive around the big northern cities and ask the same of the so called “slums” there too? They exist, I’ve seen them! It’s because the republicans have no representation in the border communities! They don’t see any $$$$ to be made. That’s why the region is stuck with one party! Nobody in politics cares as if it doesn’t make them money!


          • Sara Says:

            You have a point, poverty can be found in every city. But the post here is about Wendy Davis’s refusal to call out her fellow Democrats for corruption. Corruption that exists in South Texas, to the detriment of the people who live there.

            As far as your comment, your point is taken. I did spend time in the Valley, a week, and asked lots of questions. My time was split between Harlingen, McAllen and Rio Grande City. I was looking for local response to Greg Abbott’s recently unveiled plan that will put $300 million into beefing up border security.

            In random interview after random interview in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, I was hard pressed to find voters who even knew who the candidates were for Governor. And most distressingly, a majority would no doubt vote for more nanny state government —- if they bothered to vote. So I can see why Battleground Texas is geared up to “register” (and illegally keep phone numbers) of as many potential voters as possible and get them to the polls.

            In a Starbucks in Harlingen, I asked two nursing students, ages 23 and 24 whether they knew either of the two gubernatorial candidates. They both shook their heads.

            “No……..” said one. “I vote party line anyway.”

            In a sandwich shop in McAllen, I asked a well dressed man whether he was familiar with any of the gubernatorial candidates.

            “Not really,” he said. “I follow politics on a national level.”

            Tell me what you think of it here in McAllen, particularly with regards to the immigration issue, I said.

            “Well, it’s not as bad as it’s portrayed. You know what areas to stay out of, just like any city. There are deeper issues that need to be resolved.”

            What would those be? I asked.

            “Education. We need to put more money into education.”

            At a McDonald’s, a couple in their late 50′s to mid 60′s also could not answer the question as to candidates. However, the man was close to naming Wendy Davis.

            “There’s a woman, a congressperson…..she did this filibuster.”

            Is she a Democrat or Republican, I asked.

            “Oh Democrat.”

            So, are you a Democrat or Republican?

            “I am more Independent these days. Democrats just want to change Texas to a blue state.”

            Do you feel safe here in Harlingen?

            “Well, it’s dangerous here. I’ve lived here my whole life. Now you are constantly looking over your shoulder [he looked left and right]. It’s as if something is going to erupt any moment.”

            So, I did ask questions. I’m not here to condemn the people, I’m here to condemn the politicians who create a toxic environment — and the people who, by their own lack of interest, allow it to continue.

          • Enrigue Says:

            Excellent Sara! But it doesn’t just stop at exposing the pestering cut. You have to clean it and heal it also. What’s the follow-up plan on that? The problem is the politicians! Why do some here not care or not vote, because they think “my vote doesn’t count, and they are going to do what they want either way!” No one cares about the governor because republicans don’t connect with this community so if they can’t connect why vote for them. How do you educated people in a single party area about other options. You come and visit with them and cultivate that relationship, but republicans don’t really care about this area. Not even because in Cameron County (where Harlingen is located) has a sitting republican county judge. Do you need a bigger door? This guy got voted in by democrats who wanted change. Come and spend some money and create choice! The republican mindset is “why?, it’s a blue area anyway!” Would you care if your blue party is ripping you off and the red party doesn’t care enough? Politics, kills communities! Look at Ted Cruz, he only got elected because people thought he was a conservative of Mexican heritage. Well he turned out to be Cuban, no problem there, but most Mexican-Americans locally voted for him because of a missperception! Misinformation, most people hadn’t heard of him until election week. So unless republicans have many more hispanics around they will never make their prescence known. They will not invest time and money down here! They believe the revenue is tapped out by the local democrats. Who knows, it may be. The last thing you want to do is call someone third world class and ask why they don’t care. Why should I care about you if you are insulting me!

          • Sara Says:

            It’s a misunderstanding of the use of the term “third world”. If anybody would care to take Abbott’s comment in context, it was easily understood to be with regard to the activities of certain people and groups along the border who participate in payforvote schemes and other illegal practices, practices that we equate with third world countries. You seem very bright, I’m sure you get it, it’s just a matter of pretending that you don’t. But I certainly appreciate the opportunity to discuss it more fully with you here.

          • Enrigue Says:

            I do get it, but I can see how others down here take offense to it. Poor choice of words, of course! What I don’t like is taking photos of an area and making it seem a certain way! That, is politics at its best. Lessoned learned, for Mr. Abbott, I hope! He has done great things and I have no ill feelings toward him. Instead of rushing to judgement and trying to prove a point, post pictures of our hard-working community members and how tired they are of the way things are. That would definately garner much more support for Mr. Abbot. I think he would be better served if he sent people down here to clean things up. I’m sure more democrats would swing his way if they see corruption being swiftly swept. We have alleged misconduct by our Hidalgo County Sheriff in consultation with the county DA. The Cameron County DA just got sentenced to jail for illegal activities. Those are our leaders! How can our locals look up to that! People down here work their butts off to get their childeren fed, clothed, and educated. I’m proud of my community! I may not be so of my leaders, but I am my own man and don’t like to be stereotyped. Thanks for providing this forum to discuss this issue! I wish you the best and pray that God continues to bestow blessings on your family and you. Please, expose the corruption and issues down here but don’t generalize that people must like it this way. We don’t have much of a choice! Let’s make change happen and get these crooks out of our region. I give you no argument there and I doubt anyone down here will!

          • Sara Says:

            Lessons learned all the way around.
            God’s blessings to you, too :)


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