San Antonio District 9’s Elisa Chan is Most of Us, But Now We are the “Other”

The creatures in District 9 are forced to live apart from the rest of society …….

Mayor Julian Castro and  the LGBT community will get their wish.  The San Antonio City Council, working together with the Human Rights Campaign, has effectively rallied support to garner the additional votes needed to pass its proposed anti-discrimination ordinance.   In two front page stories today, the Express News portrayed Councilwoman Elisa Chan as a hideous person to be viewed with revulsion,  and reports that controversial ordinance revisions are now expected to pass:

District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg on Friday declared his support for the City’s proposed nondiscrimination ordinance in the wake of homophobic comments made by his District 9 colleague, Elisa Chan.


Local leaders moved quickly Friday to distance themselves from homophobic comments made by Councilwoman Elisa Chan, while local and national LGBT advocacy groups and politicians called for her immediate resignation.

Mayor Julián Castro said Chan’s comments — secretly recorded in May and released this week amid ongoing debates about updating the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance to protect sexual orientation and gender identity — illuminate a “level of bias and ignorance that’s astonishing.”

And in Washington, the Human Rights Campaign called for the third-term incumbent to leave office.

Supporters of the ordinance recited their prepared remarks:

Julian Castro: “Some folks have wondered whether an update to the ordinance is necessary,” Castro said. “This is a strong example of why it is necessary. Unfortunately, this type of attitude is out there, and sometimes it’s acted upon, and protections need to be in place when it is acted upon.”

Councilman Ron Nirenberg:  “I was taken aback by the candor and hurtfulness of the comments on the tape,” he said. “I think everyone listening to or talking on that tape or listening to that tape needs to do some soul-searching about living and working in harmony with their neighbors….

……..Our community must now engage in similar reflection over the issues that divide us,” Nirenberg said. “I believe that the successful passage of the nondiscrimination ordinance will be an important step in that process.”

Nirenberg made his position public a couple of hours before a local LGBT advocacy group called on Chan to resign. Members of the group explained the “hate” they’ve experienced in San Antonio and implored the council to approve the added nondiscrimination measures.

“Hate has no place in San Antonio,” Nirenberg said. “We cannot turn our backs on the existing divisions that have revealed themselves.”

Human Rights Campaign Spokesman Michael Cole-Schwartz:  “Anyone who would say those kinds of hurtful things in private but not in public does not deserve the public’s trust,  Councilwoman Elisa Chan was elected to represent all San Antonians, yet it’s clear she has no interest in even tolerating, much less supporting her LGBT constituents.”

Decades ago, the civil rights movement spawned the NAACP, which in its origins had fine intentions: the advancement of “colored people”.   Fast forward, today white people are not allowed to use the term “colored people.”   We are told what terms we can utter, and if we deviate from accepted terminology- which changes at whim – we are hung out for public ridicule as engaging in “hate speech”.   The result is now reverse-discrimination, and a double standard that allows unabated racism to thrive in the black community.

At this point, the NAACP is merely a group that uses a bully stick to advance an agenda which seems more or less that white people need to pay up.   It is nothing more than a hate group, but, because saying so publicly would cause a backlash of epic proportions, including plenty of public posturing and victim-playing, its leaders remain on the stage to spout intolerance of whites.

Tolerance is the next wave of “civil rights”.  The Elisa Chan incident has far reaching implications for the future of the LGBT lobby and its attempt at shaping views it considers acceptable and not.  Seeing how it has played out in the last 24 hours, it seems quite obvious that Chan was set up, baited and used at the appropriate time to sufficiently give cover to someone who wanted cover in a political debate, i.e.  Mr. Ron Nirenberg.

Chan has never done anything to hurt the gay community in her position on the City Council, but  a “mark” was needed,  a decent, normal person who has been made to appear to be one way in public and another in private.  By supposedly proving that Chan is a two-faced homophobe, Castro and his City Council will mandate special protections for lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgenders.   This means that, should you find this kind of publicly exhibited behavior “disgusting” — you will be prevented from saying so.

gaypride1aAh…..Sweet romance

The irony of the swift response to Chan’s remarks are what opponents should note.  The debate over the past few months has focused on a particular section called the “prior bias” language, which stated that if someone had shown a prior tendency toward intolerance of those in the LGBT community, they could be fired from their job with the city, or not hired at all.  After push-back from religious leaders, that section was removed, which then led to Pastor John Hagee offering his support of the proposal.

This most recent incident with Chan shows how utterly hypocritical, how devious, the proponents have been here.  Isn’t what they are doing to Chan EXACTLY what religious leaders and opponents were afraid would happen?  Calls for her resignation, saying she is not fit to serve?

Yes, that is EXACTLY what people feared….that if you don’t fully approve of the LGBT agenda, you are not fit to hold a job in the City of San Antonio.

The NAACP has effectively been granted, over the past years, carte blanche provisions demanding special preferences in order to advance their causes and agenda.  I am concerned, and I think I have reason to be concerned, that what we are doing, by granting various groups special “anti-discriminatory” protections, that in not too short order, the only non-protected class will be the white heterosexual Christian, holding traditional biblical values.

Watching what has happened to Elisa Chan, there will be others who won’t push back for fear of being “Channed”.   Will this incident serve to shut off the debate about LGBT education for elementary children, for example, will it silence critics who fear being called out as homophobes, as intolerants?  Who fear losing their jobs if they do so?

Councilman Roy Saldana, who has sided with supporters of the ordinance, told a reporter that Chan’s remarks were “misguided”:

To point to a group and label them as ‘other’, that’s the root of discrimination,” he said.  “I don’t see it any other way than that”.

Yes, well, that’s the point.  Saldana refuses to see it, cannot see it, in any other way.  His way, then, and the ‘other’ way.  Hypocrite.

The approach the Castro contingent has taken to entrap a public figure into supposedly engaging in “hate speech” in private conversations should raise alarm bells,  but it could backfire as well.  It shows how far the LGBT community will go to mandate acceptance of its agenda – and right now there are a lot of people who are pretty sick and tired of being portrayed as something they are not in order to be rolled.  There’s going to be a point where the American people are pushed too far, when they refuse to have their personal beliefs derided, when they wake up and proclaim “my beliefs are not misguided, I AM NOT THE OTHER”.

Wait…that will be God speaking.

*Updated to add the word “heterosexual” to “white Christian”

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3 Comments on “San Antonio District 9’s Elisa Chan is Most of Us, But Now We are the “Other””

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Gay Media Icon Dan Savage did exactly the same thing: volunteered for Gary Bauer’s campaign at a critical juncture with the expressed (by him afterwards) purpose of passing on the debilitating flu Savage was afflicted with to Bauer. Bazan and that other guy were moles, planted to execute a mission.

    Ex-Marine Eric Alva is also planting himself as a loyal footsoldier -not to the U.S. Marines, but to the gay lobby.

    Eric Alva wasn’t at that City Council rally (where he got booed) as an ambassador of the Marines.(although he DID appear in full uniform – something that is banned by Military code: Wearing your uniform in support of civilian political causes).

    Eric Alva appeared as an ambassador of the intolerant, First-Amendment-crushing gay lobby. I am proud of him for fighting overseas and losing his leg in support of my freedom. I am ashamed of him for using these same credentials to promote an oppressive, corrupting ordinance.

    It’s funny how the mindlessly-pro-gay activims Media keeps slamming Councilwoman Chan. They took the (false) assumptions and ran with them, crafting a convenient dialouge blacklisting all opponents of this measure in one classless brush stroke. Did any of you hear the 17 minute audio in it’s entirety? I did. I heared her say she once voted for gay marriage. I heared her express compassion and sympathy for gays who just want to be left alone to be themselves.

    The media cherrypicked a phrase out of context, and then cut-and-pasted it onto a separate one to manufacture the perfect victimhood narrative, a little too conveniently in context of the nondiscrimination ordinance being voted on.

    In the discussion with her aides, Chan was being set up and baited by those two aids – leading the conversation into controversial subject matter.

    Chan said “…just disgusting” when referring to the wide range of behaviors people -gay or straight- do in their privacy.

    She DID however verbalized dissaproval gay adoption, as do I in my blogpost, “gay adoption nightmare stories”, over at gayharms.blogspot.



    • Rhonda Reichel Says:

      Dear Councilwoman Chan:
      I am not in your district but in a way you did represent me. For one thing the timing of this was obviously planned to pass this ordinance and I feel like you were set up—- another casualty of dirty political tricks. We all see through that.

      I am really disgusted with this one sided representation regarding the bias ordinance they are trying to pass. Sexual orientation is not protected when you are heterosexual . Not even mentioned. It is not if they aren’t aware that some gays harass and mistreat straight people. If they make a pass and you rebuff them then look out. They will make your life a living hell. I’m pretty “live and let live” but we all have biases because WE ARE THE SUM OF OUR EXPERIENCES…..and this experience was pretty traumatic for me.

      It is wrong to try to legislate morality and as long as someone’s beliefs don’t harm others then no harm – no foul. But sometimes people’s sexuality make them think they can force it on others and there is harm in that. If I had seen that things would come to this, in hindsight I wish I had filed sexual harassment lawsuit against this company I worked for, but I just wanted out at the time. In any case I would be glad to talk in defense of you if an opportunity presents itself because there are 2 sides to bias. Politicizing gay rights in this case are wrong. There are already laws covering their rights. I am ashamed my city council thinks it needs to usurp it’s authority to this degree. Their job as I see it is to run the city efficiently and protect the taxpayers from unnecessary expenses….period.




  1. San Antonio District 9′s Elisa Chan is Most of Us, But Now We are the “Other” - September 7, 2013

    […] Thanks to Sarah for America for this reprint […]


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