Outrage Makes a Fine Tool and Can Make You One, Too

Main Entry: impale
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: stab
Synonyms: lance, perforate, pierce, prick, punch, puncture, run through, skewer , skiver, spear, spike, stick, transfix


Imagine Average Joe, a tea party member.  Put a long spear in his hand.  Now imagine him jumping up and down, pumping his spear with outrage!

When you pictured Average Joe – did he look like you?  Or did he look like someone you don’t want to be?


Governor Bob McDonnell’s support of the largest tax hike in VA history is shocking, mostly because it is contrary to the kind of governing  he promised when he ran for office.   I am not anti-tax, we NEED to fund our road improvements  – but I AM anti-wasteful spending, and this “transportation” bill does nothing to guarantee that taxes won’t be mismanaged yet again.  But most of all I am anti-promising something that you cannot, or will not, deliver in order to be elected.  Which he clearly did.  

I will give Jamie Radtke props for her TV appearance, where she (with the exception of the uncalled for plug for Susan Stimpson) logically explains tea party opposition to the deal. But THEN, she gets on hootsuite and follows it up with this (my emphasis added):


I went on CBS6 yesterday and WMAL this morning. The outrage is starting to build fast. I can feel it! Virginians are just now learning about the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia that Republican Governor Bob McDonnell is pushing on all of us!

I’ve created a way for all citizens to voice their outrage to Bob McDonnell and create a groundswell. I’m not asking people to sign a petition, but will you please ask ALL your people to go to http://www.notaxincrease.com and “like” the page. Let’s see if we can generate some big noise!

If you will remember, one of the keys to repealing the retroactive abuser fees in HB3202 here in Virginia back in 2007 was the petition that was created that instantly received over 10,000 signatures. Going to http://www.notaxincrease.com is even easier for people, because they don’t have to give their email address or any private information!

Can you please push to all your contacts? I’d really appreciate it. Let’s skewer Bob McDonnell, Speaker Howell, and Tommy Norment for crushing the taxpayer – coming from Republicans no less!

Thanks so much!

Let’s roll!
Jamie Radtke

So, Patriots.   You know the drill!   A Republican has betrayed you.  Get outraged!  Go SKEWER the Governor and Speaker. Just be mindful that, when sharpening your  tool, you don’t become someone else’s.   Because going to http://www.notaxincrease.com is a Facebook page, and you can’t “like” it without giving up your Facebook identity.   But, it’s those Republican leaders who think tea partiers are idiots. What an Outrage!

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