Democrats Declare War on Texas

Declare your side

When Democrats talk about “taking over” Texas, about “crushing the GOP” so that it no longer functions as a second party, is that divisive talk or conciliatory talk? It sure doesn’t sound like: Hey, let’s get together to work on making things better, does it?

To progressives, the success of Texas isn’t something to admire or emulate. It is something that must be stopped in its tracks – to kill and feed off the carcass until the bones are picked clean.

That’s why they’ve launched Battleground Texas:

Launched on February 26, 2013, Battleground Texas (BT) seeks to transform the traditionally Republican Lone Star State into a Democratic stronghold. At its inception, BT pledged that over the next several years it would “focus on expanding the electorate by registering more voters—and, as importantly, mobilizing those Texans who are already registered but who have not been engaged in the democratic process.”

Toward that end, BT relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers and organizers “knocking on doors, registering voters, and engaging Texans” to support Democratic candidates. By BT’s telling, large numbers of Texans are “tired of not being heard, tired of not being represented … and tired of the same Republican playbook which is failing our communities and ignoring the[ir] needs.” Vowing to “change the face of presidential politics in this country as we know it,” BT points out that “with 38 electoral votes at stake, a blue [Democratic] Texas would be a surefire road to the White House.” In short, the objective is to make it impossible for Republicans to ever again win a presidential election.

BT notes that as of 2012, Hispanics constituted 41% of Texas’ citizenry, while whites were 43%. This is highly significant because Hispanics tend to vote heavily Democratic. In BT’s calculus, existing demographic trends (birth rates, immigration rates, and the gradual maturation of Texas’s large pre-voting-age Hispanic population) will eventually—by themselves—make Texas a plurality-Hispanic state by 2017 and a majority-Hispanic state by 2036. But the organization aims to accelerate these eventualities as much as possible, by focusing its efforts on three major priorities:

1) Voter Registration: Observing that Hispanics in Texas have been far less likely than their white counterparts to be registered voters, BT places heavy emphasis on registering the state’s 1.5 million unregistered Hispanics. It also seeks to target the 500,000 unregistered African-Americans and 200,000 unregistered Asian-Americans, groups that are likewise reliable supporters of Democrats.

2) Voter Participation: Noting that Hispanics have been significantly less inclined than whites to vote even when registered, BT devotes many of its resources and energies to voter-mobilization initiatives.

3) Voting Blue: BT strives to influence public opinion in Texas via messaging that depicts Republicans as racists who do not understand the needs and concerns of nonwhite voters.

How is any conservative law abidingTexan supposed to respond? Particularly, how is any white Republican supposed to respond to point #3?

In essence, Democrats are proudly stating they are working hard to turn Texas into a welfare state like California and New York and Illinois — so that they then have a lock on turning all of America into a welfare state. They plan to do this by inserting wedges in society — by turning neighbor against neighbor.

The Battleground Texas plan:  Stir up tensions between groups, get Democrats in office, raise taxes, watch businesses leave….watch the standard of living decline. That’s what happens when Democrats take over, right, Detroit? Do I hear a second, Chicago?

Should Texans not fight the efforts of outsiders conniving to change the system to gain the right of illegals to vote, to encourage immigration followed by voting Democrat, with promises of free food stamps, free pre-K, free housing? Texans, the Democrats have declared war on your way of living. Their plan is to take advantage of all that you have created, to take a state that is working — and turn it into a state that no longer does.  This is a battle we must not lose.

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