Sequestration Hostages are the President’s Choice

February 20, 2013

Catch All


Obama’s attempt to hold Republicans responsible for job losses due to sequestration gets more ridiculous by the moment:

The president ticked off a host of expected repercussions should the $85 billion in cuts for this year take effect. He said Border Patrol, emergency responders, FBI agents, airport controllers and others would all face cutbacks. He said teachers would be laid off by the thousands and America’s military would be degraded.

If “Border Patrol, emergency responders, FBI agents and airport controllers, teachers and the military” are the ones on the chopping block, Barack Obama has only himself to blame. Those are the positions that Obama set up to be hit – instead of the more obvious government seat warmers at the EPA, IRS, Department of Education, Energy — heck, 1/2 of his and Michelle’s staff could go and the country wouldn’t suffer for it. How much do we pay a staffer to tout around Obama’s golf clubs on his many vacation trips?

But let the fear mongering continue, Obama style:

This week, a host of Cabinet secretaries wrote letters and trooped to Capitol Hill hearings to warn that the impact will indeed be calamitous.

Furloughed inspectors will force meat and poultry plants to shut down nationwide. Wait times will soar at airport security and border crossings. Rent checks will be cut off to 10,000 elderly or disabled people and single mothers. And the FBI warned it will be less able to “penetrate and disrupt terrorist plans prior to an attack.”

Yes, but will there still be money to spend on advertising food stamps? I’m sure the WH will find the cash, somewhere.

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One Comment on “Sequestration Hostages are the President’s Choice”


    It sure looks like BHO & CO are ginning up reasons for calling a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. WOULDN’T ERIC HOLDER MAKE A MARVELOUS SUPREME COURT JUDGE ? ! ? ! ?



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