Ted Cruz, Man on a Mission

tedcruzMIMIssion Impossible Plot = To Dismantle Job 314*

Ted Cruz is a man on a mission.

Given the staid and cliquey nature of the US Senate it may be a Mission Impossible, but Cruz is, apparently, going to summon up his best Ethan Hunt impression. It also appears that Cruz, like Ethan, will be operating under the same suspicion of disloyalty. From his own party.

Back here in Texas, we are cheering him on. That is what he was elected to do…we sent him on a mission to shake things up, to be an unflinching, un-apologetically conservative lightening rod for those of us who are desperately looking for someone willing to speak the truth to power.

Rand Paul is another man who is no shrinking violet either, but he represents the voters in another state. Ted Cruz represents me. He said he would go to DC and not be a conformist and I believed him.  So did a majority of Texans.

So when dudes like Lindsey Graham and John McCain start grumbling publicly about Cruz’s behavior, and the major media starts piling on, Cruz supporters like me practically get giddy. I mean, let’s recall why we have Barack Hussein Obama in the White House in the first place.

Senator John McCain, that’s why.

When background research –made through the most minor of efforts– showed that Barack Obama’s father was a Marxist favoring 100% taxation, his mother and grandparents communist sympathizers, his mentor an anti-white, anti-American activist with communist party affiliations, his college transcripts were sealed and hidden from view while his public writing extolled the virtues of wealth redistribution and anti-capitalism….it was a slap in the face to normal, hardworking Americans like me to simply smile and defer to Barack Obama as a “good man” during the election. Republicans sent a dog into the fight in 2008 and that dog refused to engage inside the ring other than simply licking the other dog’s butt. It was a disgusting lack of honor and pride for our values, for what made America great, and McCain’s refusal to fight back against Obama, who clearly held beliefs that are the antithesis of what America is all about, has had far-reaching implications.  McCain should have been thrown out of office by the voters in Arizona. That he was not — shame on them.

On the other hand, voters in Texas don’t have any use for a man who acts like a wuss in order to get along. We grow real men here in the Lone Star state, and we expect our men to act like men, not groveling waterboys for the DC elite expecting the newly elected to kiss their ring.

Go Ted Cruz.  God Bless Texas.

*The Book of Job 3:14  “with kings and counselors of the earth, who built for themselves places now lying in ruins”

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