We The (Little) People

Funding the entitlement class.

The GO-GOs: Vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away,
Vacation, meant to be spent alone.

Michelle and Barack are off on their separate vacations, he to Miami and she to Aspen, right after sharing a $900 Valentine’s Day Dinner and a long Christmas in Hawaii.  If only we could take separate vacations from the Obamas, but their overbearing regulations and policies follow us everywhere, causing our own vacations to be a little less lavish.

Meanwhile, there’s actually concern at the Texas Tribune that pay for part-time politicians in TX is causing undue hardship for legislators who are called into session every other year:

The constituents of a lawmaker who must devote time to working outside state government are at a disadvantage, said Rep. Elliott Naishtat, an Austin Democrat and attorney. He added that a part-time, low-pay Legislature empowered legislative staff and lobbyists — who are paid full-time to monitor issues affecting state policy — over elected officials.

“It’s difficult to run a $180 billion venture or ‘business’ on a limited, part-time, biennial basis,” he said. “Those of us who have to work for a living have less time to devote to being the best legislator that we can be because we have to work.”

They have to work!!!  Cry me a river.

Texas is one of the healthiest states in the union, financially.  It has a part-time legislature, and pays accordingly.   Correlation?

For some people, Atlas Shrugged is a fiction novel.  To others, it’s an instruction manual.  Toil away,  little people, to make sure we bestow our elected leaders with a lifestyle suited to the “dignity” of their office.    Says Nancy Pelosi, who somehow took office with a certain income years ago as a public servant, yet now has a lot more cash in her bank account, “a congressional pay cut undermines the dignity of the job.”

I’ll pause a moment for you to wipe the tears away, from laughing so hard.

Donna Campbell, who was recently elected to represent my district in Austin, is an emergency room physician.   She works so that she can serve.   THAT is the meaning of public servant.    Public service does not mean the public serves the elected.   Barack and Michelle and Nancy  et al don’t understand that, and never will.

And this is not just a problem with Democrats, obviously, this affliction is a problem with those who “serve” us in both parties. A friend of mine sent this to me a few days ago (I received her permission to post it here):

I called Eric Cantor’s office here in Richmond, and then in Washington….

The aide in Washington told me that Eric was not in DC now. So I said, OH, so I can go down to his office and speak to him? She said, “Well, you have to make an appointment and Eric only meets with people who are important … I mean, ” blah blah blah .. she tried to back track and cover her mistake. But here is the thing. I vote. I am in his district. I am not important????

I actually have an idea on how to take back our country. I am willing to do it, if others are. We need to get people to run in every district in a new party called Take Back Washington. One platform … cut salaries to $35K, which is about what most average American’s make. No perks. No pensions, health care, no jets, no fancy dinners. No nothing. You work in Washington because you love our country. 1 term for senators, 3 terms for congressmen. If we fill congress and the senate, we can do it. The problem is, no one will run like this. I’ve said I would do it. I don’t care about the stupid money. And no, we are not rich. (We are in the 47%, but I am so willing to pay my share.) What do you think? Would this ever fly?

No, my friend, of course it would never fly. There’s not enough dignity in Congress for it to fly, because when Congress talks about cutting entitlements, they never consider theirs.

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One Comment on “We The (Little) People”

  1. ken davis sr Says:

    The pretender and spouse are the elite. They do not have to work or adhere to laws. Cantor is just a delusional [edited] who thinks he is a god. All three are coming to their Armageddon. They forgot this is not Britain, this is not Canada, this is not Spain…This is the United States of America and we are sick of the elites.



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