Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Progressives Use Bad Economy & Layoffs to Troll for Unions

With major medical device companies announcing cutbacks and layoffs due to Obamacare – and government regulation generally – the heavily frequented message board at CafePharma is generating the interest of union trolls:


This makes sense as a strategy in progressivism’s long term playbook.  It’s obvious Jobs aren’t the first priority of this administration – and why would they be, when food stamp and medicaid recipients are much more inclined to strengthen their position by electing Democrats forever?  A man who is always afraid of losing his job in a bad economy is a man more inclined to want to seize control of the situation, by unionizing to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Right?  Well, not necessarily, it turns out.

“Polling shows a quarter of Michigan’s government employees would opt out of unions under a right-to-work law. Losing those members would cost Michigan’s unions more than $100 million annually.” When workers are freed from forced unionization, many of them opt out. They have left unions in droves in Wisconsin, Idaho, and Oklahoma.

Which was the response to the union troll on the cafepharma message board, too. Basically– take a hike loser!

In a perfect world, corporations would always do the right thing by its employees. I”m not a corporate apologist on this issue – I’ve personally seen too many older employees who have given their lives to companies let go right before retirement, or successful middle aged men let go because they could be replaced by three younger guys making less money. The heart-wrenching George Clooney layoff movie “Up in Air” was very difficult to watch without sobbing. Yet I know that MORE government regulation is not the answer, and unionization that forces companies to lose their competitive edge is not the answer, either. The answer is, of course, more noble, more ethical leadership that treats people with dignity and respect and understanding. Which is something that government professes to do, but in actuality never does. Ever sit through an IRS interrogation or spend hours at the local Social Security office to get a replacement card? And unions treat their members like cashboxes for Democratic Party political donations, and fancy lifestyles for union bosses.

If the economy continues its downward spiral – it could be that unions see an uptick in membership gains – which would be to the obvious delight of future Democratic Party candidates.

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