When the Watchdog Becomes a Lapdog, Time for a New Security System

January 29, 2013

Tea Party/Liberty

Low Expectations.

obama_biased_reporters-e1354256960434Daily Caller:  Reporters defend Obama against criticism

People left and right are talking about the ridiculous group hug that President Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Clinton had with 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft on Sunday night.

It was such a pitiful puffball interview and missed opportunity that some progressives were embarrassed by it.  Even left-leaning Kristen Powers described it as “something you would expect from like the state-run media…60 Minutes was transparently being used as a campaign advertisement”.

Kroft defended himself with Piers Morgan,  saying that the reason Obama comes on 60 Minutes is because he knows he will get favorable treatment, and you know, they “do a good job of editing.”  Brit Hume noted that he doubted 60 Minutes would have done the same kind of editing job with George Bush.    Many of us still believe that the defenders and critics of fawning interviews shouldn’t change based on which political party is in office, it shouldn’t matter who is on the hot seat – he (or she) still needs to be grilled. 

The Beyonce lip synching Inaugural performance was a sad symptom of our willingness today to accept trickery as reality.   How far have we come as a nation when we are complacent with being lied to – especially from our government?  When Nancy Pelosi fudged a government photo – oh, excuse me, utilized certain techniques –  there should have been a huge outcry.  Where does that kind of deception end?  It cannot end well, that’s for sure.

Back in 1999, I wrote an essay for a women’s magazine in which I worried about the use of technology in photo editing. “Years from now,” I wrote, “will I be sitting on my front porch talking with my grandchild, holding a photo of a brilliant sunset, recalling a memory that in reality happened only in Photoshop?”

Years and years of photoshop sleight of hand fooling our eyes into seeing things that aren’t really true, reality shows that we later learned are completely scripted, and media watchdogs who have become nothing more than unctuous lapdogs for one party, have led us to this unwholesome place.  We expect dishonesty and so we get dishonesty.  Trust?  Our coins may say “In God we Trust” but we know that is mostly a lie, too.

So, when our previously alert watchdog grows old and lazy, preferring to spend its days being thrown treats just for wagging its tail – it is safe to assume that the old homestead isn’t as secure as it ought to be. Time to invest in a new alarm system.  What type should it be?


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