Our Not So Post Racial World and Disarming the Suburban White Folks

January 25, 2013

Catch All

gangswithgunsDisarm?  You first.

With new polls telling us what we already know, that our country is as polarized as it has ever been, and with blacks taking to the courts to blame racism rather than themselves for mistakes they’ve made, it’s time for some really frank discussion on race. Eric Holder suggested we do it, calling us a nation of cowards, and he’s partially right. We are cowards – whites are cowards, because we are afraid to stand up to say: Enough is enough.

I don’t feel guilty because I am white. My ancestors may or may not have been slaveowners, but I am not, and I don’t condone slavery, so there’s nothing for which to feel guilty about, personally. There’s tons of evidence of African American slave traders, and asians who thought nothing of mass executions of dissidents. Hispanics have a quite bloody history too, but nobody is out in public self flagellating on a daily basis. There are native Americans whose ancestors scalped women and children who simply made the mistake of guiding their wagons onto Indian territory, yet where are the native Americans asking forgiveness?

There is a difference between demanding racial superiority and racial parity. It’s time that whites stopped accepting being treated like second class citizens in order for there to be equality. It’s time for whites to publicly resist attempts to portray our culture as wrong, as indifferent, as inhumane and unjust. I am proud of my culture and what it has contributed to not only America, but the world. It’s not a question of racial superiority, but of racial parity. My white skin is different than black, brown or golden, but not better, and not worse.

OK now about the guns.

Obama came into the world raised by parents who had a big chip on their shoulder when it came to racial issues, and that chip was passed on to the son. Barack Hussein Obama grew up in an environment of anti-American sentiment and by the time he was a young adult, had already been molded by his radical ideas about race. In the 1970s, as Obama was in his late teens, America was already working out these issues – but Obama being from outside American mainstream culture, managed to throw himself in with a sect of people who blamed whites for most problems in the world. They also believed they could win their ultimate goal of equality (what they perceived to be equality) by fighting major political battles along racial lines.

Disarming white people of their guns has long been a priority in this battle. Which culture is seen as being most resistant to government over-reach? If it were simply ridding gangs of guns in urban communities, why haven’t more efforts been made towards that in LA, or the crime capital of the world, Obama’s native Chicago? Certainly, if there was any place it should be done – it should have been there, as opposed to going after the guns of people living in the hills of western Virginia or west Texas.

Obama has declared war and it is a race war. It’s time we saw it for what it really is, and stopped being the cowards Holder accuses us of being, cowed by the evils of political correctness.

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2 Comments on “Our Not So Post Racial World and Disarming the Suburban White Folks”

  1. wwjd 52 Says:

    Brilliant! I’d like to find a way to post this on Facebook. Everyone I know should read this!



  2. RICK SANDER Says:

    As one of my good friends says; “I’m tired of being accused and blamed for all of black society’s problems”. And hopefully Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton might find a real job someday.



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