PSY’s “Gaffes” Likely to Be Forgotten…..or Overlooked

December 9, 2012

Local Politics

A popular South Korean rapper who has the support of Obama’s WH sings about killing Americans and they call it a “gaffe”?

Calling for the death of U.S troops and family members “slowly and painfully” is always bad. Park Jae-sang, better known as PSY, apologized Friday for past anti-US protests.

He is not the first celebrity to falter when mixing show business and war.

….Because PSY is South Korean the blowback could get nasty.

…..KEDA radio personality Mark Weber, a former Army captain who served 14 years, including in South Korea, doesn’t take much offense to PSY’s 2004 performance. He accepts the singer’s apology and classifies it as a “mistake of youthful exuberance.”

“I would say it will probably blow over within 72 hours or a week it’ll be all forgotten.”

This is the difference between progressives and conservatives. Democrats are far more likely to push their embarrassments and telling issues under the rug as quickly as possible. Particularly when politics are involved.   Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, is  closely tied to South Korean bigwigs….


Susan Rice lied to cover up for Obama prior to the election? Just an “innocent error.”

John Kerry – in line for the Secretary of Defense cabinet post – parked his yacht in a neighboring state to avoid taxes? Whoops….. no biggie.

And on and on. And on.


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