Oh Here We Go Again

December 3, 2012

State Politics

Alternatively titled: Mr. McSweeney finds another tool.

fatherknowsbest4aFather Knows Best” Keeping it in the Family

The former RPV Chairman apparently has a thing for young women who want to play in the big leagues without much experience.  He supported Jamie Radtke’s bid for the US Senate when she had never run for office prior, with little accomplishments of note.  Now he is said to be the guy behind Susan Stimpson’s bid for Lt. Governor in VA.  Susan Stimpson — who?  Exactly.  One step away from the Governorship?  Seriously?

There are plenty of other conservatives with much better credentials already in the race, but I suppose they aren’t as willing to have puppet strings tied to their body parts in the name of liberty.   It’s creepy…… This weekend someone sent me an email about McSweeney protege Radtke sauntering into the Advance over the weekend, while the old man hung back in the parking lot.   Oh yeah, for sure, these women are totally independent minded.  Okey dokey whatever you say!

I was all for replacing “the Establishment” too, not so long ago….until I realized that the other establishment salivating for power in the wings was just as bad.  Trust me, there are plenty of political consultants and lobbyists wanting to be paid where they come from too.

Actually, I don’t have anything personally against Stimpson.  She certainly has the support of all the Ron Paul folks, who I imagine will run the tables at the convention.  What irks me are women who tout themselves as  exceptionally independent minded while propped up by scripts drafted by men who wrote scripts for Jesse Helms thirty years ago.   I also think it’s kinda odious the way some women role play when it suits their interest. Take for instance, leaning on pro-women PACs while bashing men’s club politics.  As a true liberty minded person, I don’t support candidates based on gender or minority status.  I support candidates based on policy.  If a PAC promoting males was formed, you would expect all hell to break loose.  And here’s another shocking reveal:  I think men are pretty awesome. Our country’s founding fathers were men.  Men have fought for our freedoms.  Men work in coal mines and in steel mills and put food on the table.  Yet, the current trend of men bashing in Hollywood and politics is pretty disgusting.  War on women?? Hardly. It’s more like a war on men. News flash for ya. Women aren’t better just because of their lady parts you know.  Cases in point:  Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters.

In an  interview, Stimpson touted her confusing views on gender…..See, she wishes she had a wife, but is glad no man asks her to go get coffee:

She said that gender doesn’t differentiate on the Stafford board.

“My male colleagues have treated me 100 percent professionally,” said Stimpson, 41. “No one has ever asked me to get their coffee.”……

………Female leaders agree that gender isn’t, and shouldn’t be, part of the discussion, but it does add to each elected leader’s perspective.

At the downtown lunch, she jokes that when staff and supervisors were once trying to plan a 3:30 p.m. meeting, her reply was that she doesn’t have a wife to pick up her children from school.

Interesting, that she says gender doesn’t matter, given how she started her speech at the Advance this past weekend:

So apparently, gender doesn’t matter until…..it does.  You know, because men are basically lazy and incompetent.  If it weren’t for women, who would bring men their beer on the couch and vacuum up the cheetos on the floor?  Right, Susan?  Oh, I know, it’s just a joke.

Kind of gives new perspective to the “my old ball and chain” remark men used to laugh at, and women thought so degrading back in the day.  Here’s another thought …. that controlling father figure in the parking lot?  Happens to be a man!  And he’s pretty good at getting women to clean up after him.

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5 Comments on “Oh Here We Go Again”

  1. Rick Williamson Says:

    As always, well said and right on point. Thanks for thinking I am awesome!!. One thing I did not like was making me think of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi’s body parts…that will take a while to erase from memory.



  2. John Boddie Says:

    It would appear that Mr. Cuccinelli has mentioned (discreetly and to the right people) that he would be comfortable with Ms. Stimpson. It’s difficult to believe that Mr. McSweeney would find a limb to crawl out on that wasn’t pre-tested for strength.



    • Sara Says:

      Yes it would….but then there was always behind the scenes talk was that he was backing Radtke for Senate, too.

      Apparently after Radtke and Stimpson showed up at Bollings presser last week, Radtke wrote a letter to the State Central Committee asking them to censor Bolling — even asking for his removal. Why is Radtke out for blood where Bolling is concerned? Why would she leave her kids with the babysitter just to heckle Bolling and further embarrass him?

      That she would be calling for his head because he didn’t display party unity after calling it quits on his campaign, well, gee, she’s kind of the last person in the room who should criticize.



  3. Carl Pearson Says:

    Dear Virginia Conservative

    Over the coming months will you have a number of decisions to make including who you will support for Lt. Governor. In doing so, I hope that you will avoid supporting the same old school politician who makes promises, but fails to deliver. Please research your candidates carefully, examine their record, and support those who deliver results rather than those who claim to be something they are not. We must elect a Lt. Governor who has shrunk government, cut taxes, protected property rights, and delivered results. When we find that candidate we must work hard for their election.

    Over the past couple months I have started researching the various candidates and was amazed at what I found about one candidate in particular. The results of this research, which I show below, leads me to only one conclusion, Susan Stimpson is not conservative and is the wrong person to help us return government to the people and away from the established politicians.

    I was originally intrigued by her claims that she reduced taxes three years in a row. I went back and looked at Stafford County’s records. What I found was amazing, Susan Stimpson voted against the first and largest of these tax cuts. Don’t take my word for it, don’t take her word for it. Click here and go to the bottom of page 5 to see that April 2010 vote (http://staffordcountyva.gov/archives/61/04-20-10.pdf)

    where she demonstrates where she really stands on taxes—at least where she stood prior to running for Lt. Governor. In fact, she voted with another Supervisor (Woodson) who was reported to be the most liberal member of the Board and who instead proposed a tax rate .04 higher.

    That made me question her claim to have eliminated the boat tax so I took a look at Stafford County’s reported tax rates on their website and found that the County has a boat tax–one of the largest in the Commonwealth. Again, don’t take my word for it, (Click here http://staffordcountyva.gov/index.aspx?NID=899 to see Stafford’s tax rates including the boat “watercraft” tax).

    So what about her claim to have led the effort to eliminate the BPOL tax? Well, I asked around and it turns out that her Republican colleagues led the effort to eliminate the BPOL tax leading up to the 2009 election (when she won her seat). Susan Stimpson did not support its elimination until being forced to do so as a condition of support (while she was running for office) by the sitting Republicans on the Board.

    I then decided to look at the other claims regarding her “fiscal conservative” approach and found that she pushed through hundreds of millions in new debt (maxing out the county’s debt capacity) while a member of the Board. Click here to see Stafford’s nearly $400 million debt plan and how they get within $83 thousand of their debt limit in year 2020 of that plan (http://co.stafford.va.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/1594)

    –This includes almost $67 million to build a new high school in her district (where others were pushing a much cheaper plan to renovate the existing high school. According to their adopted CIP this project started at $57 million but cost growth thru gold plating has increased its cost to $67 million in just one year according to page 83 of their new proposed CIP (http://staffordcountyva.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3499)

    –It includes a brand new $3.3 million government administrative building to add space even though she claims to have reduced the size of government (page 40 of attached)—(http://staffordcountyva.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/361)

    –It includes a new $9.5 million park in her district that will only add 5 baseball fields—almost $2 million per field according to page 22 of the attached budget (http://staffordcountyva.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3499)

    I was informed that 50% of Stafford County’s planned new debt is for projects in her District? I guess she believes in constraining government spending only when it isn’t in her District. She gets the projects while future generations of Virginian’s get the tax bill to pay for her extravagant spending.

    That made me question her other claims such as protecting property rights and preserving our freedoms. After making a few calls and doing a little research I found that Susan Stimpson supported the United Nations Agenda 21 (UDAs) and that Stafford County is one of the only counties in VA to have these assaults on our rights (7 of them) where the government is trying to force us from our homes and into city living. Don’t take my word for it, don’t take her word for it, CLICK here (http://staffordcountyva.gov/index.aspx?NID=1076)

    to see the Stafford County’s plan for UDA’s (“Entire Comprehensive Plan)” and Susan Stimpson’s vote in favor of that plan (just click on the “Approval Resolution R10-377” on the site for her vote).

    I then read of a recent action by Susan Stimpson to take property rights from landowners and a lawsuit that was filed against her for those actions. After a little research I found that she pushed thru a repeal of a land use ordinance in order to deny one landowner from using his property in a manner that was allowed by Virginia Law. CLICK here (http://staffordcountyva.gov/archives/61/03-20-12.pdf) and go to page 34 where you will see her vote to strip the property owners on Anderson Dr. of their rights. I then read that she voted to deny another landowner the right to use his property as allowed by law, and is currently being sued for denial of property rights (http://news.fredericksburg.com/staffordnews/2012/11/27/developer-files-suit-against-stafford-regarding-clift-farm-quarter/). While I could not find the record to this lawsuit on the County’s website, if you send them a FOIA I bet they will have to comply and provide the documents.

    Susan Stimpson did not vote to protect property rights, she has a record of voting for the government take over of private property rights! I found numerous votes she took to condemn property while going thru their meeting minutes. If you don’t believe me, ask her. If she denies it, we can just go to the records.

    With so many false claims I decided to dig further into her claims that she cut spending and shrank the size of government. What I found was–you guessed it–different than what she claims. It turns out that the downsizing of Stafford county government was substantially accomplished by cutting staff before she was even elected to the Board of Supervisors. Don’t take my word for it, CLICK here (http://bos.stafford.va.us/jan1910/3.pdf) around page 14 and 15 (slides 28 and 29) to see where much of the downsizing she takes credit for actually preceded her election and was briefed to her in her first regular meeting on the Board.

    How about her claims that she helped create job growth that made Stafford number 1 in the state? Turns out that these jobs were government positions moved to the Stafford area of Quantico as part of the last base closure program (Click here http://www.brac.gov/docs/final/Chap1JCSGHQandSupportActivities.pdf

    and go to page 195 to learn the truth of those jobs that just arrived after the construction of their facility was recently completed). So, government jobs are the foundation of her economic development plan? Susan Stimpson’s job growth plan sounds more like an Obama government jobs plan than it does a fiscal conservative plan.

    I tried to find something supporting her claim that she has prevented abortions in Stafford, but could not find any evidence to support that claim and would encourage everyone to call the Stafford County Commonwealth’s Attorney at 540-658-8780 to see if abortions are illegal in Stafford or at least any new legal restrictions.

    I looked into her claim that as Chairman of the Board she implemented categorical funding for schools to keep funding in classroom education instead of school district administration but instead found that she actually pushed thru a budget last year to end categorical funding and the result was a 14.4% increase for school administrative spending compared to a 4% increase for classroom instruction in just the one year. Again, don’t believe me click here (http://staffordcountyva.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/1671)

    and go to page 302 to see the truth of her claims about school spending and click here (http://staffordcountyva.gov/archives/61/05-01-12.pdf) and read pages 7 and 8 to see her defense and support for that spending.

    As for her claims that she increased Stafford County’s reserves and got an increase in the bond rating? Well, I encourage people to ask around and go back to that January 19, 2010 briefing (above) to the Board in her first month to see that the increase in reserves was accomplished by the county and started under the previous Board. Susan Stimpson just seemed to show up for the announcement.

    Other interesting facts I found:

    –100 percent of her family’s income comes from a government entity;
    –she holds the Stafford record for local candidate with the most PAC contributions from political insiders–hardly evidence of a grass roots activist but rather a free wheeling political insider;
    –she accepted $700 from a marina owner who is seeking favorable tax treatment;
    –she accepted $5000 from the owners of a facility that Stafford county pays exorbitant rental rates to use for its parks and recreation;
    –she accepted thousands of dollars in donations from airport officials after approving an airport expansion using county funds and over the objections of local residents;
    –she voted to provide $100,000 to a local enterprise for “business development” that later went bankrupt–just like Mr Obama and his Solyndra.

    Virginia deserves a conservative Lt. Governor who has a history of getting the job done. We can’t afford any more politicians that say one thing to our face because it is what we want to hear, and then do something completely different once elected. Unfortunately, Susan Stimpson is not a candidate with a conservative record and her campaign claims are not supported by the facts

    Over the coming months I will research more of these candidates. Hopefully one of them will have a true conservative record rather than one manufactured by false press release.



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