SmartPhones Now Come with Presidential Alert Apps that Can’t Be Disabled

There are three types of Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA):

  • Presidential Alerts: about news of national authority concern
  • Imminent Danger Alerts: Severe and Extreme alerts about weather events and threat levels
  • Amber Alerts: about the disappearance of persons (minor or otherwise)

You may change settings within your device to opt out of Imminent Danger and Amber Alerts, but you may not opt out of Presidential Alerts.

“I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen.” ~ Hal,  2001 ASpace Odyssey

Technology is great, as long as users are in control of how they use it and if they use it at all.

Consider if Facebook was no longer optional, if government required each citizen to have a Facebook account in order to vote, in order for the Government to monitor daily activities.  What people choose now for fun, would automatically become an egregious perversion of authority.  The fact that people signed on to the technology willingly at the start and got used to it over a period of time, even when they began to understand that their information was being sold to marketers, made it much easier for a mandated program to be implemented (forcibly) down the road.

Come now the Smartphone, everybody has one, and when I say everybody, I mean everybody.   It appears that folks on disability, on food stamps, or with a low income, can get one for free in Ohio…. perhaps in return for a promise to vote a certain way?

These new smartphones are now mandated by the federal government to carry an alert system, most of which can be disabled simply by opening up the stock Messaging app and from its menu, selecting ‘Emergency Alerts’, and unchecking all the unwanted alerts.

Not so though, the Presidential Alerts, as the app is buried deep in the settings file, and in order to delete that particular function, the entire stock Messaginng app would have to be deleted too, which causes missing functionality, and functionality is what users pay big bucks to get with the phone in the first place.

Something is wrong with our country.  Something is seriously wrong.

In the name of “safety” we’re felt up by TSA agents, monitored via satellite, street cameras, online ads and billboards  – kids are even tracked by computer chip in the hallways of their public schools.

But this latest little trick being pulled, the “National Alerting Program”, what is it, really, besides a blatant attempt to implement a centralized system of control over all communications?

Is it really about our safety?

Imagine a text message sent in error, and what could happen if terrorists intercepted and resent a message alert – the ensuing rush would probably cause mass panic, and the terrorists wouldn’t even have to set off a bomb. Don’t we already have systems in place to alert people — the same ones we’ve relied on for years —  aren’t sirens already installed in every town enough?

Some think this is “part of the wider move on behalf of Homeland Security to create a public environment dominated by a pervasive sense of fear and paranoia, a context in which the safe exercise of constitutional freedoms doesn’t normally thrive.”

Especially considering that the “emergency alerts are eventually designed to be incorporated into the Intellistreets system which turns all street lights into surveillance hubs that can record conversations and broadcast messages.”  More from Infowars:

For the first time ever the feds will have a direct line to the millions of Americans who use cell phones and be able to use the messages to transmit whatever they like, whether that be genuine safety information, fear mongering about spurious terror alerts, or political propaganda.

Obama has already threatened to be in “constant conversation” with us in a second term…..

Our technology is smart — and we are stupid.

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9 Comments on “SmartPhones Now Come with Presidential Alert Apps that Can’t Be Disabled”

  1. John Boddie Says:

    Here’s a case where I agree with you.

    I would probably (assuming that I purchased a smartphone in the future) sign up for weather and presidential alerts, but it should be my choice.



    • Sara Says:

      This falls under one of those “standards” (the business/government partnership kind that are mutually beneficial to the power elite) that Napolitano was talking about this morning:

      Legislation aimed at giving DHS more authority to enforce security standards for some private networks faltered in Congress over the summer. Napolitano said that legislation is still needed and that she doesn’t see the proposals as government overreach.

      “I don’t view this as the government coming and telling you what to do. Far from it,” she said. Any standards would be administered within a partnership between businesses and government, Napolitano said.

      Seriously this government of ours is out of control.



      • John Boddie Says:

        Re” “Any standards would be administered within a partnership between businesses and government,” Napolitano said.

        Seriously this government of ours is out of control.”

        Seriously, the combination of business and government is out of control. It helps to remember Eisenhower’s warning, and to consider whether business or government is calling the tune.



  2. InvictusLux Says:

    I just got RUDELY woken up at 2 AM by an Amber Alert with an ear piercing alarm (independent of my volume setting) that startled me and panicked me as I tried to figure out what it was. I had GPS tracking turned off for privacy so don’t know if the app is using geo-filtering or not to reduce SPAM (how about a don’t call after hrs setting?) but this particular report was for a person last seen 200 miles away! What I am supposed to do – run outside in my skivvies and shake the bushes looking for missing people last seen 200 miles away at 2 AM??? I don’t trust the government’s competence to prevent spurious alarms nor want any back door apps on my smartphone. How dare they! They never even told us – this is MY personal technology device. What other government apps are on here- decryption bypass logic to eavesdrop on my secure banking transactions or secure postings to work sites? Then the entire inane philosophy embedded with this big-brother intrusion is what’s most disturbing where I am now shanghaied at any hour of the night for posse service to go look for missing people or bad guys? Where does it end? This is exploitable in so many ways. Just imagine the British arriving to shake Paul Revere out of bed to get him to ride off and warn “the British are coming” only to have his neighbors rush into an ambush to get set up for execution as revolutionists? What utter BS. We need to have public discourse about the entire philosophy of this sort of thing since its too exploitable and going to result in a lot of abuse and loss of privacy. We can’t even trust the phones to be really ‘off” anymore nor remove batteries to insure it now that they are all integral with the device and unremovable. They have done the exact same thing with digital power meters in homes – remotely being able to see current spikes and drops to know when are are home or gone and to deny service (and kill people on medical equipment) remotely. There needs to be a Truth-In-Technology disclosure Bill.



    • Sara Says:

      Agree completely that this needs a second look — as far as another Bill? OMG. Our government writes a bad bill, and then writes more bills to fix the first bad bill. Who can keep up? Oh right. That’s the goal.



  3. David B Says:

    More people will turn off their phones if this gets annoying. Im inside my house its 11 PM people are sleeping and I just got this loud god-awful ring tone. If there comes a time when we can’t turn our phones off, than completely wrap your cell phone in tin foil. to test, Try calling your cell phone. The free market works until the government F@cks it up. I do not want alerts, gps, facebook, or messaging. I Just want a phone!
    picture this. Your driving on the highway. You know enough not to dig for your cell phone, but this loud, god-awful ring tone keeps going and going, and you can’T consentrate, so you look down dig for your phone and read the text, and suddenly you look back up and CRAAAASH, Bang. You and YOUR little kid in the car are dead. How many drivers are going to die over this mandated texting.



  4. llll Says:

    I’m getting amber alerts on both of my smart phones. The one I used to use and the one I currently use. What I mean is…. the one I used to use has been disconnected from the fucking network!!! How in the hell can they still reach the phone if it’s been disconnected? There’s no 3G signal or CDMA going to it. And what else can they do? Turn on the microphone? Camera?



  5. Vicki Guth Says:

    I got my first alert in the wee hours this morning. Loud freaking noise. Scared the crap out of me. Jumped up out of bed, stubbing my toe.(Can I sue them?) It was an Amber Alert in south GA, while I am in north GA. I want alerts in MY area. And I certainly don’t want to wake up to BO’s voice in the middle of the night.




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