Obama is Showing the Hate that Has Motivated Him All Along

August 10, 2012

Catch All

In 2007, Maureen Dowd wrote about the yet not fully made over for prime-time Michelle Obama.

Wrote Dowd, “[Michelle] added that the TV version of Barack Obama sounded really interesting and that she’d like to meet him sometime.”

Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was recruited by the Communist Party to help spread its propaganda to influence public opinion in America.  Davis joined The Chicago Star where he was a colleague of journalist Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law of Obama’s close friend and confidant Valerie Jarrett.  Davis also taught at Chicago’s Abraham Lincoln School, a Communist run training school run by CPUSA.

The long and short of it, none of it disputed, is that Davis was a communist who was consumed by his hatred of America, so much so, that he joined the Communist Party, and recruited members for it.

Hate breeds hate.

Hatred has long been a central pillar of leftist ideologies, premised as they are on trampling individual rights for the sake of a collectivist plan. Karl Marx boasted that he was “the greatest hater of the so-called positive.” In 1923, V.I. Lenin chillingly declared to the Soviet Commissars of Education, “We must teach our children to hate. Hatred is the basis of communism.” In his tract “Left-Wing Communism,” Lenin went so far as to assert that hatred was “the basis of every socialist and Communist movement.”

After years of being at Marshall’s knee, Barack Obama chose Michelle, who openly voiced her “frustration and disappointment” with America, to be his wife.  But the first woman in Obama’s life, his mother Anne Dunham, was so consumed with anti-American hatred that she fled America to seek companionship with men who shared her views.

Friends describe her as a “fellow traveler”, that is, a communist sympathizer, from her youth, according to a March 27, 2007, Chicago Tribune report. Many Americans harbor leftist views, but not many marry into them, twice. Ann Dunham met and married the Kenyan economics student Barack Obama, Sr, at the University of Hawaii in 1960, and in 1967 married the Indonesian student Lolo Soetero. It is unclear why Soetero’s student visa was revoked in 1967 – the fact but not the cause are noted in press accounts. But it is probable that the change in government in Indonesia in 1967, in which the leftist leader Sukarno was deposed, was the motivation.

Soetero had been sponsored as a graduate student by one of the most radical of all Third World governments. Sukarno had founded the so-called Non-Aligned Movement as an anti-colonialist turn at the 1955 Bandung Conference in Indonesia. Before deposing him in 1967, Indonesia’s military slaughtered 500,000 communists (or unfortunates who were mistaken for communists). When Ann Dunham chose to follow Lolo Soetero to Indonesia in 1967, she brought the six-year-old Barack into the kitchen of anti-colonialist outrage, immediate following one of the worst episodes of civil violence in post-war history.

So.  Obama’s grandparents were communists, his mother was a communist sympathizer, his father was a committed socialist, his close mentor was a highly outspoken recruiter for the Communist Party, his step-father was filled with anti-American fury.  Obama admittedly associated with Marxists in college – writing about the relationships in his memoir in order to frame the debate before others did, obviously.  Obama chose a wife who publicly criticized the US for being “downright mean” and ugly –  and now surrounds himself with people who are avowed communists, communist sympathizers and Marxists.  It is highly unlikely, make that impossible, that Obama would be anything but a communist sympathizer, at the very least.

Communism thrives on hate, not compassion.  On hate, not hope.  Obama wants another term to finish what he started.  I don’t doubt that there is a lot more hate left, where Obama is concerned, because it is the world that he came from.

But where does hate come from? Not from God – because God is love. Hate comes from the same place where lies reside,

Communism and Socialism are not love. They are ideologies based on hate. And where there is hate — there are lies.   And thus, behold our President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his campaign of 2012.  A campaign of hate, and lies.

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11 Comments on “Obama is Showing the Hate that Has Motivated Him All Along”

  1. John Boddie Says:

    Canada is a Socialist country. The UK is a Socialist country. Switzerland is a Socialist country. Are you saying they are all driven by hate?


    • Sara for America Says:

      These examples are ridiculous. The UK as a socialist country? Maybe some elements perhaps, but hardly qualifying in the realm of “socialist”. Heck Obama hates the UK too, haha.

      What really gets me though, are people who defend Obama given his background. Why hasn’t he produced school records John? Seriously, why??? And why would you defend it? Why would you want to vote for Obama given his record, and the types of people he has surrounding him?

      THAT really is the question. What people see in Obama, in the man, and his background, that they say to themselves: Gee, I trust this guy, and want to vote for him.


      • John Boddie Says:

        I don’t know what Texas has done to you, Sara. At one point, we were able to have our differences and discuss differences in policies. At this point, you seemed to have jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon. School records? Get serious. Why not join sheriff Joe and keep after the birth certificate?

        In the UK, socialized medicine (single payer variety) is the norm. That alone seems sufficient to define “socialism” for those opposed to Obamacare (or Romneycare, for that matter).


        • Sara for America Says:

          School records? What in the world makes asking to see them a conspiracy? John, how many communists do you know, were you close to in your life? Doesn’t the fact that Obama was raised by them, mentored by them, associated with them, concern you in the least bit? These were all people who hated what our country was about, at its core.

          Social security could be defined as “socialism” but that element in our society does not make us a totally socialized economy. Welfare is socialism but that doesn’t make us a totally socialized economy. But there is no doubt that we are coming perilously close to it, the more the government seizes industry and runs it.


          • John Boddie Says:

            Re: “John, how many communists do you know, were you close to in your life? Doesn’t the fact that Obama was raised by them, mentored by them, associated with them, concern you in the least bit? ”

            Probably a couple dozen. It’s difficult to live and work overseas without encountering communists. I was close to four of them, two of whom worked with me. The last I heard, three of them were now active in the Green Party in Germany.

            The president has a wide variety of influences on his life and thinking, as do we all. The fact that he was in the company of communists for part of his life doesn’t concern me any more than if he was in the company of Rastafarians.

          • Sara for America Says:

            Proverbs: “Be not deceived, bad company corrupts good morals”

  2. Tim Donner Says:

    In the spirit of the Paul Ryan selection, Sara, it is heartening to have intelligent, principled and credible observers such as you stand up and tell the unvarnished truth: four more years of this president will send this nation right over the cliff we’ve been driving towards for the last century of creeping – and now rapidly escalating – social democracy. And this at a time when we can see the fate of social democracies in Europe right before our eyes. Economies falling like dominoes under the leaden weight of ever-expanding entitlements,, chronic low growth and high unemployment, unsustainable debt, and little willingness to change their ways. Are Americans really prepared to affirm such a system?

    The left will certainly be hitting Ryan repeatedly below the belt. We owe it to ourselves to hear the actual facts about this president’s past. Maybe this time, enough people will listen.


    • Sara for America Says:

      I am thrilled about the Ryan pick. Lots of people in VA were rooting for Bob McDonnell — he would have been a horrid pick. Ryan is perfect. Fiscal issue tea partiers like him and I’d bet even Occupy supporters like John B would too, if they were honestly about entitlement reform and getting our house in order instead of just hating on Republicans.


      • John Boddie Says:

        I’m not thrilled with Ryan’s approach to “getting the house in order.” Very simply, in order to reduce the debt, the government needs to generate surpluses – it needs to take in more money than it spends. There is no formula where cutting spending alone leads us to a surplus, particularly if we continue to regard military budgets as a sacred cow. If we are going to run surpluses, taxes need to go up. There is plenty of evidence right in front of us that cutting taxes does not automatically lead to job growth, and it sure doesn’t lead to surpluses.

        I don’t hate republicans – I simply believe that they have sold out to people who are focused on their own short-term interests. Why else would they want to weaken regulation of the financial industry?

        I also believe that much of the talk from Republicans is window dressing for what Mr. Gingrich called – “Right-wing social engineering.” If one is serious about the financial situation, one doesn’t start by focusing on Planned Parenthood.


        • Sara for America Says:

          Uh hunh.

          You know, I’m not opposed to taxes. I’m opposed to the idea that only the “rich” should pay them and the other half of the country simply has to vote for the “rich” to pay more – and that we need to raise taxes first before we deal with spending.

          This cart before the horse approach is foolish. Sort of like how Obama thinks we ought to grant amnesty before we seal the border. Oh sure, you’re going to say – hey, the border is tight already! Haha, tell it to Texans who own property at the border. Tell it to the cops who cleaned up the truckload of 22 illegal immigrants that ran into a tree near San Antonio because there were too many people piled into the bed of the truck.

          Am I to assume then, since you always beat around the bush, that you are thrilled with Obama’s approach to getting the house in order? What would that be, exactly?


          • John Boddie Says:

            No, I’m not thrilled with the current approaches to getting the house in order. However, “getting the house in order” relies on action by the Congress – It can’t be done by presidential fiat.

            Both the Ryan plan and the president’s plan rely on Congress to pass the budgets and laws that make fiscal changes happen.

            That mechanism isn’t working very well.

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