Scarlett, the Sequel

August 9, 2012

Catch All

The saga known as: #Gone with the Wrenn

I know you’ve been wondering what dear Scarlett has been up to since the epic finale.

Well, for one thing, her famous RV is for sale, price just reduced for quick sale! Engine “runs like a charm”, new electrical system “never a problem”! And no worries, the Radtke wrap is gone, revealing an adventurous safari theme underneath.

In other news, someone in Virginia directed me to Jamie Radtke’s latest Tweets in which she referred to the 2010 Virginia Tea Party Convention as “my event”.

And all this time, the grassroots thought the convention was about them!

A little slip of the tongue can reveal so much.

Further down her tweet list, you also see that Radtke believes her recent loss to George Allen in the primary wasn’t due to her behavior with the tea party organizations that she assumed control over, or the fact that she was seen as being over-the-top negative without offering a positive affirmation of who she was, or that she overspent and ran a campaign deficit the entire time, or (most importantly) that she lacked qualifications to be a US Senator. Nope. She is blaming it on not having enough “Establishment money”.

Wow, what a kick in the pants to the grassroots! Tell it to Ted Cruz, Jamie!

Hopefully, Scarlett’s got someone busy sewing up a new set of drapes.


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