The DMV Waiting Room… Waiting, and Waiting, and Waiting

July 17, 2012

Local Politics

Prelude to Obama”care”.

Obamaconomy: Time = Money

Yesterday I went to the DMV for a TX drivers license.

The line snaked out the door.  Inside the two room office, with threadbare walls in need of paint, a singular government representative stood with a clipboard, answering questions.  People sat sullenly on folding chairs in rows, waiting, waiting…..waiting.

They were waiting because, we were told, the “computers were down.”  The guy next to me got there early, and had already been waiting for two hours.

Here, he said, handing me a number, G86.  People have given me their numbers as they have given up and left.  You can have this one.

I took it.  It was much lower than the number I had pulled.

“He” was about 70 or so, and shared the following story.  He was told he needed to renew his license in person because he had hit “a certain age” and the government determined that it needed to check his vision before it would let him back on the road.  So he got on the road.  Since he lives on a ranch about 45 miles outside of town, he tried the DMV office nearest his home.  It had been closed down.

Next, he tried a location he believed would be less crowded.   It too, had a sign that said, “Temporarily Closed.”

So, he got back in his truck and made the trek to the office we were at.   He chose to sit and wait because he already invested so much time already.

And, besides, he said, I need to register to vote, and I hear that it is really difficult, what with that voter ID thing now.

What? — I asked.  What gave you that impression?

It’s all over the TV and the news.  You have to come here to the DMV to register.  

This was fascinatingly horrifying “news” to me.  Not true at all, I told him.  I registered to vote by filling out a form online, printing it out and sending it in.  I already have my voter registration card, in fact, it was that easy.

Hunh.  Was all he said.

How many others have been tricked into thinking “someone” is out to get them, and believing that the real culprit is their savior? Meanwhile.  Take a number, sit, and wait, because, what else have you got to do in Obama’s economy?

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5 Comments on “The DMV Waiting Room… Waiting, and Waiting, and Waiting”

  1. John Boddie Says:

    I’m a little confused about what you’re saying here.

    It could be that you’re talking about people who believe that government is the problem and not the solution who find that after cutting taxes (and revenues), that the services they expect from government (such as a reasonable level of staffing at the DMV) are reduced and they need to wait a long time for service.

    Is that where you’re headed with this?



    • Sara for America Says:

      Ha if you believe we haven’t given the government enough money to perform basic duties like this then all I can do is snort! Too funny!

      Hmmmm where will the poor deprived government get the funds to run our healthcare system???

      Hope you have money and time because obamacare wants both from you!!!



      • John Boddie Says:

        Both in government and private industry, when the order comes down to cut budgets by fifteen percent, it’s the people who actually provide the services/do the work who are the first to be laid off. Hierarchies of human beings operate like this.

        There’s a common belief that government (at all levels) is bloated and wasteful. I suspect that the bloating and waste are about the same as they are in large businesses (General Motors, General Electric, Bank of America). Typically, efforts to cut waste look to save about fifteen percent, but they typically deliver less than four percent, and this is for the selected divisions where these efforts are targeted.

        If you want to save some real federal money, how about:

        1. Eliminating the Marine Corps and turning its function over to the Army

        2. Eliminating the Department of Labor and moving its enforcement functions to HHS

        3. Eliminating Oil depletion allowances

        It’s very easy to talk about “starving the beast” or “cutting the federal budget by twenty percent” as long as one doesn’t identify the specific functions that will be affected. There is a term that describes the art of tossing around generalities without identifying the consequences – it’s called “moral cowardice.”



        • Sara for America Says:


          I see beautiful modern buildings that are seeming tributes to contemporary government that would make any “tax ’em more, more, more, more!” progressive proud!

          And then, you see buildings like the run down DMV that languish, starved BY THE BEAST that takes all but the crumbs.

          Why is that? Because one building serves the bureaucrats, the BEAST livin’ large (GSA anybody?), and the other serves us, the public. WE aren’t the focus. Just our money. That’s why it doesn’t matter how long WE sit at the DMV…..



          • Sara for America Says:

            PS I agree with you about eliminating 1 and 2, although with #2, don’t like any idea which gives Kathleen Sebelius MORE power…for goodness sake she already “runs” the takeover of health care. As for #3 — need to read up on it.


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