Skinny Mom Jeans Obama Talks Tough and Wastes…… Away

July 13, 2012

Catch All


Wasting away…..his weight, among other things

Obama spoke in Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads, VA earlier today, where he reportedly assured supporters that  “America is tougher than any tough times!”

According to my twitter feed, the place went “crazy”, but then, anyone who supports the guy has to be crazy to start with.

After four years of tough sounding words out  of a too-skinny man who likes to wear mom jeans on weekends, you’d think the progressives would learn…… tough talk is all he’s got.

Our President looks like he really really needed to become POTUS just to get the free bodyguards.

On the other side of the world, though, that Mr. Putin knows how flexing some muscle in public literally can do a lot to project a can-do image:

But, then again, how good is he at telling a story, huh?

OK.  Politics aside, and I really mean, far aside.  Which guy based on the photos above would you want defending your family if you were gone?

It’s just human nature, programmed into our genes, to believe that a strong man will be a better provider.  Back in the caveman days, it took some heft to wield clubs big enough to fend off intruders, and provide food for the family.  I would hate to have to wait for someone with this kind of aim to bring home dinner:

Click to watch him try to hit the target, if you can bear the sad hilarity

There’s an article out today, also:  Why Obama may be stronger than his approval ratings.  Yeah, yeah.  Keep dreaming.

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