Obamacare is a Tax, Cue the IRS

SCOTUS rules: TAXES paid to benefit private corporations are constitutional.

It keeps growing, and growing…

Obamacare lives!  What next?

Basically, this is a tax that you have to pay to private companies.  For all of the screaming the Right did over single-payer — and for good, outcome-based reasons — at least the taxes raised to fund it would go directly to government.  The Supreme Court has signed off on what is, in very practical terms, a tax levied by the insurance industry on Americans simply for existing.  It’s an amazing, and fearsome, decision that really should have both Right and Left horrified.

James Carville —  “The Tea Party is Over” — will eat his words.   The Tea Party has just been kicked into high gear. What began as a movement against taxation without representation, what grew as a rebellion against Obamacare in 2009 and ’10, has been prodded, jarringly, out of complacency.

That the mandate survives as a TAX makes it more understandable to average Americans. The IRS – undoubtedly the most hated government agency – has been handed more power by Obama and the liberal court. Americans understand taxes. They grasp the concept of the IRS. Where they might not have grasped the idea of how a mandate would work, they certainly grasp how the IRS works.  And they fear it.  They fear it because it is so complex that they don’t know when they are running afoul of it.

It’s hard to know if you are running afoul of a law instituting a tax when the President won’t even admit that it is one.

Romney needs to run, run, RUN on this, starting now. Obama has just unleashed MORE IRS agents to pour through tax returns to make sure every single person pays homage to the insurance industry. Get that, liberals??? You are celebrating paying taxes to private  CORPORATIONS!

Power to the corporations? Rationalize that, progressive *bitches*



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