The Years of Trusting Nobody

Imagine what you can do with the real thing!

I read this article aloud to my husband.

A day when everyone is Big Brother will dawn as people start wearing Google glasses, or a slew of competing augmented reality spectacles, that throw the Web up on a lens and also record the world.

Mr. Cole said: “I think one of the great problems of our time, is how is our right to privacy — which is so integral to our democracy — preserved in the face of technology?”

“See?  It’s not just me who thinks that way,” I pointed out.

“Well, I always figured there were at least two of you.”  Is what my guy said back.   “And, fyi, it only takes three to have a conference.”

I paused to consider that.

“How many does it take for a conspiracy?” I asked.

“Really —- only one,” he laughed, raising his eyebrows, at me.

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