University of Minnesota’s Un-Fair Attack on the White Bus Monitor

June 21, 2012

Catch All

Two videos that will bring you to tears.

First, the University of Minnesota has for some reason decided to mount an outright attack on white people.   I can’t imagine the motive here, unless it has a deep seated desire to become an all-black college:


Why would any student — white or black or red or green – want to attend a public university that promotes such outright racism? Certainly if I were a recruiter, I would stay away from graduates of University of Minnesota.    Talk about hiring a problem!

What makes this taxpayer funded program more insanely ridiculous is that the campaign flies in the face of what is really going on in society.  THIS is what is going on outside of the towers of “academia”, outside the small little worlds where over-educated liberal elites thrive:

Wonder if the bus monitor, a widowed white grandmother who makes $15,000 a year, feels “privileged”, and  thinks she has it “easy” because of the color of her skin?  In fact, I would venture a guess that the reason the hispanic kids felt they had the go-ahead to do this kind of thing is because of programs like the Un-Fair Campaign.  Talk about a green light for hate.

What makes me LOL though is this guy right here.    Dude, society was not set up for YOU at all!  You have hair growing up your nose and it is disgusting.



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10 Comments on “University of Minnesota’s Un-Fair Attack on the White Bus Monitor”

  1. wwjd 52 Says:

    OK I am speechless!



  2. lolzerzilla Says:

    Sara, I wholeheartedly agree that this was heart wrenching and what those children did was despicable, but I have a few issues with this post. First off, bringing up the issue of white privilege is not a war on white people. For the most part, nobody assumes that white people are cognizant of their privilege and using it to their advantage, it’s passive. It’s the fact that white people refuse to believe they have any advantage that is the problem. For example, take this study where comparable resumes are assigned “black-sounding” names, for instance, Jamal and “white-sounding” names like Richard. Those with white sounding names got 50% more callbacks than those with black-sounding names. Here is a study about traffic stops in Rhode Island, where non-whites were 3 times more likely to be pulled over, yet when pulled over, whites were more likely to have contraband. also, those kids probably weren’t harassing her because she was white or “privileged”, kids are extremely mean, especially younger ones. She was an easy target for her age, weight and gender, or just the fact that she is the bus monitor. You assume all these kids are Hispanic, and I looked back at the video, at least one of them “appears” white and the father of one of the kids that apologized was white and did not have a Hispanic last name. I don’t want to draw conclusions from this, but I’d say there is a strong possibility that not all of these kids were Hispanic. Talking about white privilege did not cause this attack on Karen Klein, they probably have no idea what that is, in all likeliness it’s just children with no respect and being little brats, seeing how much they can get away with.



    • Sara for America Says:

      Your college gives preferential admissions to non-whites. Who is the disadvantaged person in that scenario? One is held to a higher standard — based simply on the virtue of skin color. It’s institutionalized racism, plain and simple.

      As far as the “studies” you cited, I looked at the membership of the Chicago based AEA, which published the research. Over half of the members are academics. ONLY 15% are employed in business and industry, and the remainder largely by federal, state, and local government or other not-for-profit organizations.

      Well. Sounds like a truly nonpartisan group to me (not.) I can get a group of people I know together and do some peer reviewed (bullcrap) research too. It’s easy. Then we can cite it everywhere as if it’s -gasp- the ultimate truth. Whatever.

      Neither one of us knows exactly what was going on the kids’ minds on that bus. That’s not the point of my post. The point is, that programs like the “I’m a white person, so kick me” the Univ of MN is promoting have results that are likely unintended, but then, what do I really know about whether getting rid of white conservatives (because they are a pain in the butt to liberal elitists) is unintended or not? The University’s president Tom Wise has a pretty clear history with his opinion of white people. In an open letter following the 2010 mid-term elections he wrote to white people:

      “You’re on the endangered list. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.”

      That’s not the voice of a man without a personal agenda.

      You tell me. How much does a white person have to give to a non-white for the so-called privileged factor to be a non-factor? For white people’s skin color to cease being “un-fair”? 10% 25%? 50% more? Does a white person have to become self-hating in order to appease people like those in this video? How does a white person have to act to appease people like those in this video?

      White people see this for what it is. More white guilt propaganda. And as long as universities churn out propaganda instead of truly educating students, our country’s education system is going down the tubes.



  3. lolzerzilla Says:

    Race is taken into account for admissions of applicants but it cannot be the sole deciding factor, things such as socio-economic status, gender, extra-curricular etc. They are examined holistically as individualized factors . See Grutter v. Bollinger (2003). You’re saying I’m disadvantaged? I’ve had access to a extremely good public school system, safe neighborhood, stable home environment, and a modest family income. That’s more than can be said of many minority children. As for the research, the makeup of AEA, while lopsided towards academia, it should matter in the end. The 18,000 members of the AEA, which is based in Tennessee, not Chicago, are not all peer-reviewing every single paper somebody releases. As long as the methodology is sound and the correct variables are used, etc, it should be fine. You conveniently throw away evidence of institutional racism towards minorities still existing, whether it be for employment, traffic stops or I’m sure anything else I would use. Also, Tom Wise is not president of the University of Minnesota, the writer of that letter, Tim Wise, was not president either and the closest he has been to a college is as an adviser to Fisk University’s Race Relations Institute. His open letter was to the white right, as he writes in all caps at the top of the page Yes, he does have a personal agenda, he could not be clearer. He is saying that the “white right”, which I’m sure you would happily identify with, happily ignore racism and are trying to preserve racial prejudice and white power. You are not worth saving, you are delusional and so is the white right. Pretending that racism is not prevalent will not make the issue of affirmative action go away, it will not make the disadvantages many minorities face disappear. White privilege does not mean white people need to feel guilty of the past, something they had no control of, it means that they should recognize their status is favored and has hidden advantages over others in a still racist world, that we should make a conscientious effort to eliminate the racism that plagues our society. True meritocracy in America will arrive when people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”, and to add I suppose gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc. We aren’t there yet, but hopefully we will get there, whether you like it or not.



    • Sara for America Says:

      Whose fault is it if someone does not have a stable home environment?

      Is it mine? Nope I don’t think so. Actually there are plenty of people who think the issue is with the progressive agenda’s Great Society programs.

      It is insane for society to blame white kids because their parents stay together. To say that is “unfair” — should we force white families apart to make it more “fair”?

      As far as being the “white right” — actually I’m 1/16th Cherokee. My grandma told me that years ago…..Elizabeth Warren would understand. :)



    • Sara for America Says:

      PS You still didn’t answer my question.

      How much guilt is considered enough to make the so called privilege factor a non-factor? Who is “fit” to measure how much “conscientious” effort is necessary — according to you, and the people behind the “White Skin is Unfair” program?

      Answer is most likely: Never enough.

      True meritocracy is not solved by “race based admissions” by the way. Good try though.



      • lolzerzilla Says:

        I still don’t understand how you’re measuring this in guilt, but privilege will become a non-issue when minorities are pulled over as often as white people for the same causes. Great Society programs are the white right’s biggest asset, they keep minorities dependent on the government, with little incentive better themselves and prosper. Soon after the Civil War, “40 Acres and a Mule” was a policy that was to give former slaves land to call their own and farm, but wait, who would want black people with their own labor, better make them sharecroppers. The black power movement saw black communities not just addressing a white racist culture and it’s ongoing effects on the community, but they also trying to solve their own issues by themselves, creating free medical clinics, school meals programs, clothing distribution, rehab, etc. Real people helping people, creating actual change, empowering themselves and not the federal government, this was seen as a threat, whether you were Asian, Chicano or African-American. and the Republican Party pretends to pay no heed to past injustices and expects minorities to shoulder the burden of history. Now . Conservatives are that coach that keeps telling you to hustle, that you’re a loser and never try hard enough, “So what if you have a torn ACL, arthritis, and flatfeet, if you try hard enough you’ll run just as well as the other teams guy, who goes to a good gym and gets medication for his arthritis and specialized soles for his flatfeet.” Once you start getting into the groove of things he trips you. How do you fail to see any handicap in that? Conservatives love the idea of both the individual and community and break down minorities as “individuals” once their “communities” are too threatening to the status quo. You are not responsible for somebody else’s family stability, but that doesn’t mean you automatically get to overlook any circumstances that might not give one group bigger advantage over the other, pretending everything is fair. Also, clever shot at Liz Warren. This will be my last post, as I don’t see this conversation going any further, but at least it was a civil back and forth, I think we can both agree on that. Happy 4th of July!



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