Obama’s Gamble on Fast and Furious

June 20, 2012

Catch All

Place your bets

Obama has just exerted Executive Privilege in the Fast and Furious case.  Supposedly it is more important for the U.S., and its citizens, to know the donors in the Crossroads PAC than what hides within the documents of a government operation ending in murder of a US patrol agent.

No surprises here. If a contempt vote is taken, ending in “yes”, the matter will eventually end in a trial, which will take years before it comes to a resolution.  The average voter isn’t following Fast and Furious that closely, and the media sure isn’t making that big a deal of it (not as if it were a Republican Attorney General, of course).  The gamble is that speculating what is in the docs is not proof of what is in the documents, and it’s much easier to make a claim that the GOP is just picking on Holder because he’s black.  Or because he’s a democrat.  Or whatever.   Better to play the race/victim card than having to answer for the economy.

Here’s what I’m talking about.  Pulling up my email, in the “Trending Now” — no mention whatsoever of Fast and Furious, but we can see what Lindsey Lohan and Suri Cruise are up to:

Screen shot 10:15 am 6/20/12

Why does Obama (and democrats in general) cozy up to Hollywood so much? To keep the populace’s attention diverted from the real issues, like Fast and Furious.

Since the deck is stacked in the Democrats favor, Obama’s gamble is highly likely to be one that will pay off.

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