The Smart Meter Debate: Kooky Conspiracy Theory, or a Real Privacy Threat?


At the Boerne Tea Party meeting Wednesday night, the above video was shown as part of the presentation on Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is now being fought not only at the local level by citizens who want a say in their communities’ development – but the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution against it at its winter meeting.  It’s not just a target of the “crazy conspiracy theorists” anymore.

I’m very familiar with Agenda 21, since it was introduced to Chesterfield County, VA (where I used to live) a few years back via a Comprehensive Plan written by a consulting group with Marxist ties.  But this smart meter thing, I have to admit, is new info to me.  The fact that it adds to your power bill, it allows remote control of your usage via radio signalling, and that it also poses a serious public health threat – people becoming sick from radiation?  Not something to discount without further research.

Of course, the first thing I did the next morning was to find out if my new home has been fitted with one.  Looks like it has — although, it’s installed quite a way from the home itself – at least 50 feet away, on the other side of the driveway near the property line.

So, the possibility of radiation sickness from the “smart” radiation emitting meter is probably remote.  That leaves, of course, the privacy concerns, and of course the larger picture that the meters are part of the global threat that is Agenda 21.

Of the 80-100 people present at the tea party meeting — most seemed to think the threat is very real, and took notes from the speaker about further steps they might want to take.  These people aren’t conspiracy wackos – they are affluent farmers, retirees, churchgoing homeowners — one attendee was a candidate for state senator and another is running for County Commissioner.

That’s the thing with some, not all, “conspiracy theories”……some of them turn out to be true.



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One Comment on “The Smart Meter Debate: Kooky Conspiracy Theory, or a Real Privacy Threat?”

  1. Soapbox Jill Says:

    Upping chronic exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation is the perfect culling tool for the ruler elites who think there are too many humans. The process looks like frogs in a jar with the temperature slowly rising. Most do not feel a thing or jump out until it is too late.

    Those in power who have no ill intent are still responsible for radiofrequency/microwave harm through being poorly informed about the risks of transmitting utility meters, wifi (esp in schools), cellular technology, etc.

    Meanwhile, some of us do feel it, tho’ we cannot escape the collective “jar”. But will the others listen? Will the others wake up and tip this death trap jar over or at least jump out before they no longer are able?



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