The Government and Google, Transparency Pals

Eric Cantor’s office just tweeted out this:

Which linked to this:

In Support of Legislative Transparency

Google believes that policy-making should be grounded in sound analysis of data. We take this to heart — it’s why we launch tools like the Transparency Report, which shows when and what information is accessible on Google services around the world. Similarly, when governments are transparent with their legislative data, their citizens can be more active participants in the political process….

[blah blah blah]

….We’ve seen positive transparency efforts throughout the U.S. government. The White House, for one, recently issued a Digital Government Strategy that called for data from offices in the executive branch to be made more easily accessible by application developers.

New information platforms make it easier for the American public to watch and participate in their government, which strengthens the political process as a whole. We applaud Congress for the work that it’s done to promote openness and look forward to a future of increased legislative transparency.

That’s really nice Google. How about taking the idea a step further by promoting openness as to what your plans are with satellite imaging of our backyards?  Not to mention all the information on private citizens you already store in here —

What a bunch of hooey.

When Cantor bothers to “promote” the goodness of Google, that kind of thing just screams: Public Private Partnership. Wonderful.  Just imagine all the “transparency” Google has planned — for us.

Google, the Almighty

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