Suicidal Tendencies in Politics

June 15, 2012

Politics in Virginia

Doctor: Whatever resentment she’s feeling, she probably got it out of her system.
Dan Gallagher: What if she didn’t get it out of her system? What then?

Alex Forrest: [to Dan] This is not gonna stop. It keeps going on and on.

Jamie Radtke’s most ardent supporters are out on the blogs threatening to vote for Kaine come November if demands aren’t met. No public word on what those demands might be, but maybe Radtke wants to keep riding around in that snazzy RV.

The good old boys behind her failed campaign seemingly want nothing less than all or nothing! During the campaign, 39 year old Radtke repeatedly called for former Governor Allen to confess his political “sins”….. left unspoken was the or else!.   

In politics, everybody uses everybody. Sometimes it’s a one night stand, sometimes, it’s for longer. Radtke used the tea party, the Tim Kaine campaign used Radtke, now Radtke wants payback for — something. The question is: who owes Radtke any payback?

Certainly not the innocent rabbit. He got boiled.

This decade long Fatal Attraction between former GOP chairmen and those who sought to oust them has got to stop.  Otherwise the only beneficiaries are the real enemies who want to turn the state blue – by slicing the artery to bleed us dry – and the jilted who want to slit their wrists to prove a point. But, we watch, like rabbits boiling in the pot, as it keeps going on and on.



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One Comment on “Suicidal Tendencies in Politics”

  1. wwjd 52 Says:

    This really is like a bad off-off-Broadway play where the curtain never seems to drop. Time to exit stage left before the audience reaches for the rotten tomatoes or anything else they can possibly lay a hand on!



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