Epic Finale: Gone With the Wrenn

Tomorrow is another day!

Scarlett:   Rhett-State, I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry for everything.
Rhett-State:  My darling, you are such a child.  You think that by saying “I’m sorry” all the past can be corrected.

……….. I want peace.  I want to see if somewhere there isn’t something left of life of charm and grace.  Do you know what I’m talking about?
Scarlett:  No…

And so, dear followers of this blog, the curtain has fallen on this sad drama of Gone with the Wrenn.

Ashley has moved on, and Scarlett is now forced to come face to face with the wreckage she has made in Rhett-State, Virginia.

She will survive to star in another compelling production, and meanwhile will attempt to regain some of Rhett-State‘s former admiration.   But……she won’t think about such things tonight…..she will think about it tomorrow.

After all there is always the one thing that motivates Scarlett more than love of Ashley or of Rhett-State — it is Tara, the only thing that matters.  [Cue Music!]

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4 Comments on “Epic Finale: Gone With the Wrenn”

  1. Leah Says:

    Hmm. Wonder what the Richmond Tea Party will send out tomorrow. Hey! I know! Maybe it will be another spam on why we should buy some book from one of the members! (Hey, the Tea Party isn’t a Christian Organization, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, buy my book and take it to your church and show it to all your members and encourage them to buy it too.) OOOHH, maybe they send some emails every day this week saying how unfair the election was. (Oh. That might be what a person who is very BLUE may do.) hmmm. I guess they may just have to sit around and figure out what their cause is really about.



  2. Yoda Says:

    She will have no credibility if she thinks she is going to step back in to lead the TEA party This is what happens when you hijack a movement. If you lose, some people wrongly think it is the movement’s fault.



  3. Coby Dillard Says:

    You need to publish this series as a book.



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