Our Happy Happy President

June 8, 2012

Catch All

Everything is fine!

The most rub-our-faces-in-it photos of the week came from Barack’s breakfast with Hollywood’s young “rising stars” .   Does it seem to you that our President is just a bit too happy?

Barack with Zachary Quinto:

Quinto’s reported  Net Worth is $14 Million

You can see more photos of the event here.   Do you know how much they feel your pain though?  You know they do.  Everything is fine!


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  1. Hollywood Spits on Veterans, Chooses Hanoi Jane to Play Nancy Reagan in New Movie | Sara for America - July 13, 2012

    […] The relationship between Hollywood and far left liberalism blows the mind.  The world that Hollywood has created for itself, has chosen in reality, is completely antithetical to the dismal existence under socialist/communist regimes.  Hollywood’s ability to produce films of any stripe, offending right or left, truth or fiction, is possible via free market capitalism.  Contrast that to North Korea, where young actors are hand-picked for an elite academy that trains “stars” to serve a massive propaganda machine. Well, OK, Hollywood and N. Korea aren’t so different really. […]


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