The Good Old Boys Behind Jamie Radtke’s Senate Campaign

Political cronyism, 101.


Following up on a previous post about Jamie Radtke’s skimpy bio, and how she is obviously a political puppet in a grudge match between old men, I wondered what ever happened to Duncan McLauchlin “Lauch” Faircloth, the wealthy hog farmer that Carter Wrenn (Radtke’s campaign manager) helped put into office.

Years ago I was a volunteer field operations director for Sue Myrick’s campaign for US Senate. Myrick was the former Mayor of Charlotte, and she was (is) as conservative as they come.  Carter Wrenn portrayed that good conservative woman as the devil incarnate, and manipulated the media and voting public into believing she was something she was not. Wrenn was ruthless!

So, Carter Wrenn and Jesse Helms’s political network were behind Faircloth’s rise to power as a Democrat turned Republican to get elected. Newly christened GOP Faircloth, a good old boy if you have ever seen one, and I mean seriously, gets into the Senate, and has absolutely no clout whatsoever, looks like a bumbling fool, and gets booted out after one term.

Guess who unseated him? The one and only, current holder of the #1 spot of Most Hated People in America, John Edwards.

So, using Jamie Radtke’s analogy of George Allen’s loss in 2006 being responsible for giving us Obamacare, what did Carter Wrenn’s promotion of life-long Democrat turned Republican prior to running, good old boy Lauch Faircloth lead to?

It led to us having to deal with Senator John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, a love child and the American taxpayer wasting millions of dollars in a failed attempt to bring the guy to justice.

Next time you hear an ad for Radtke, think about who is REALLY behind her campaign. It’s not a group of moms having a tea party at their kitchen table.  Think:  good old boys, who want back in the power game.  She may be a ‘fresh face’, but she’s simply masking the old and tired ones.

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One Comment on “The Good Old Boys Behind Jamie Radtke’s Senate Campaign”

  1. Mama Grizzly Says:

    You go girl. Keep exposing the truth.



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