Scarlett’s Newest Bold Idea: Taking Money From Liberal PACs

Scarlett:  I can’t go on accepting these gifts although you are AWFULLY kind.
Rhett Butler: I’m not kind, I’m just tempting you.


Scarlett’s campaign has a name for people who don’t support her bid for the US Senate:  “pseudo-conservatives“.  So harsh! There’s new insight as to why dear Scarlett has been so critical lately — come to find out Scarlett has been pocketing cash from  liberal Yankees!  Maybe she’s picked up some of their bad habits.

Jamie Radtke is in hot water yet again having accepted donations from the American Association of Justice, an organization that supports Democrats due to their opposition to tort reform. The $2,500 transaction from the AAJ PAC to the Radtke for Senate, Inc. committee is the only financial investment made in the 2012 Republican primary here in Virginia by the AAJ

How could it be that, a group so opposed to the virtuous things our soldiers are fighting for, would donate money to help keep Tara (Scarlett’s campaign) afloat?  How often does the enemy finance troops that have them in their targets?

July 20th, 2011 – $5,000 for Tim Kaine

March 23rd, 2012 – $5,000 for Tim Kaine

September 28th, 2011 – $2,500 for JAMIE RADTKE

96% of AAJ PAC’s contributions this cycle have been to DEMOCRATS:

Conservatives and ‘pseudo-conservatives’ have reason to question her allegiances.  Is Tara the most important thing, or the cause?  The scortched earth campaign she wages leads a lot of folks to answer:  not the cause.

Just how liberal is AAJ?  They’ve been supporting and donating to the generals our side has been fighting for years:  Gerry Connolly, Tom Perriello, Glenn Nye, Mark Warner and Terry McAuliffe!

If Scarlett had any lick of sense, she’d know that the strategy here is clear!  AAJ aims for the liberals to win the war, but Scarlett is too focused on Ashley to know it.


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H/T Virginia Virtucon

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