Scarlett Takes Pleasure in Savaging Ashley


I can’t think of anything bad enough to call you!”

Ashley: “Oh Scarlett….You are so young and unthinking….you have all the passion for life that I lack.”

Scarlett: “You led me on!….I will hate you until I die!” Smack!

The VA GOP primary date edges closer — what dear Scarlett now refers to as the day of “my election” —

—-and we are witnessing a lot of vase throwing (and worse!) on the campaign trail.

We all know by this point of the story that Scarlett will stop at nothing to save Tara, and win over Ashley, even if it means taking a comment of Ashley’s completely out of context, in order to make it appear that Ashley’s love for the way things used to be is a complete lie.  Has she no shame, or is it that she just can’t shoot straight?

At this point, Rhett-State has made it plain that while he was intrigued by Scarlett’s passion at first – now he simply doesn’t give a damn.

Dear Scarlett has no time to waste!  What will she do next to get the attention she desperately needs?

Will Rhett-State — or someone else — run to Scarlett’s rescue?


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