Scarlett is Blinded by Her Passion for Ashley

And Red Lobster.

Dear Scarlett is Gone With the Wrenn

While driving around in a humongous bus desperately chasing Ashley, Scarlett has let obsession blind her to reality.  In her latest blog post, she refers to the upcoming RPV debate as the Radtke/Allen debate, completely ignoring two other well respected southern gentlemen with similar dreams of restoration.   Scarlett is adapting quickly to the world of politicians who just pretend they don’t see things.  She surely seems to fit right in there.

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4 Comments on “Scarlett is Blinded by Her Passion for Ashley”

  1. wwjd 52 Says:

    The characteristic that most clearly comes through about Scarlett (in the movie) is an unabashed, startling level of self-involvement to the point of narcissism ….hmmmmm….



  2. follow the funny Says:

    I love this Scarlett series! Keep ’em coming. You have nailed Jamie Radtke’s campaign perfectly.



  3. John Boddie Says:

    And now Radtke’s fall-back plan has vanished as well . . . . Salahi has announced he’ll run for Governor of VA.

    Questioned about this latest development, Radtke is reported to have said, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”



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