Texas Weather and Other Beautiful Things

April 4, 2012

Catch All

The good with the bad.

At the HEB a couple of days ago:

Me:  This is my first visit to HEB.  Is HEB the only grocery store chain in town?  No Kroger, no Martins, no Food Lion?

Cashier:  Yep, only HEB….  And WalMart or Target.

Me:  Wow.  That’s crazy.

Cashier:  So, do you like Texas?

Me:  I love Texas.  So glad to be here, at least now, but not sure about the summer yet.  I’ll probably feel like instead of having moved to Heaven-on-Earth I’ve missed and moved to Hell.  I’m not so hot on the heat.  I kind of like the seasons, you know?  Changing leaves, snow….a little bit of snow.

Cashier:  Oh….yeah, the summers here are brutal.    We don’t have seasons.   Instead we have:  Flood, Tornado, Drought, Hot, Hot, Hot.  And Christmas.

Yesterday Dallas was hit by some crazy weather, and thankfully nobody was seriously injured. It amazes me how few homes in Texas have basements, given that this is tornado alley, after all. Having grown up in Kansas, I spent many Spring and Summer nights safe in the basement; even the two homes I owned in Virginia had at least tall crawl spaces in case they were needed. Thankfully, they never were.

The basement issue aside, and the crazy weather aside, I love Texas…..

The Texas Bluebonnets are plentiful and beautiful, and the deer are like family:

The food is fantastic, like this handmade flaming  shrimp queso in true Nayarit style at Bahia Azul in Artisan’s Alley:

Spanish tile roofs and people who decorate their yards with animal topiaries (see the elephant and baby elephant, click to enlarge!)

Dancing, and whooping it up at the Leon Springs Dance Hall!

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One Comment on “Texas Weather and Other Beautiful Things”

  1. Sharon Newman Says:

    I’ve been wondering how you are doing.

    Looks like you have made the transition from Virginia to Texas quite well.

    You have found beautiful countryside and parks, dining, and entertainment.




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