The Left’s Attack on Limbaugh Has Backfired

March 10, 2012

Local Politics, State Politics

Chris Matthews and Bill Maher on Hardball:  Palin and Bachmann are MILFs

Last week I posted my support of Limbaugh and my disappointment in his apology to Sandra Fluke,  a 30 year old “student” who has been agitating for progressivism for years.  I tire of apologies to those who want only to use them as ammunition against us – but Rush, knowing better, did the right thing.  He sums it up perfectly:

Their hypocrisy has been illustrated triumphantly and in great klieg lights and is on display every week. I apologized for behaving like a Democrat. They can’t apologize for that, because they are. They’re there every day. I apologized for behaving like a liberal. They live there.

Now with Gloria Allred calling for Limbaugh’s prosecution under some obscure Florida law,  the left is looking even more deranged (and hypocritical) by the day.

Perhaps some day, people on the left who view the Gloria Allreds, Bill Mahers, Sandra Flukes and David Axelrods as friends and heroes will finally get it: the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth.

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