Double Standards and the Hypocrisy of the Left

Divided we fail.

Serving the Master of Progressivism

A chaotic scene unfolded outside Middle School 72 in Jamaica, Queens, on  Wednesday night as several men who wanted to attend a tutorial workshop for the  upcoming FDNY entrance exam were turned away.

These men said it was because they were white. The Workshop was being hosted  by the Vulcan Society, a fraternal organization of black firefighters  ~Fox News, Controversy Over FDNY Exam Workshop

Obama came into office promising to be a great uniter.  The people gave him the chance, gave him the props, likely because of the beautiful milk chocolatey color of his skin, a mixing of white and black heritage.  There really was no other reason to believe he could do what he promised.  He had no previous experience in uniting disparate groups, no prior achievements beyond the pay-it-forward kinds of things that normal people do.  He was not exceptional in any way; and John McCain helped pave the way by throwing rose petals on Barack’s footpath.

Three years later we have learned that Obama’s definition of “uniting” is tearing down some groups to build up others.  Obama believes that the world is a pie, and that pieces should be cut proportionally, except for when he’s cutting the pieces for his peeps.  Bigger pieces today make up for smaller pieces in the past.  Of course, anybody with a brain understands that this is an injustice to the person receiving the smaller piece of pie today.  But somehow, that message, and the understanding of it, escapes the President and those he has helping him in the serving line.  When I use the word “escapes”, think: willfully ignores.

It appears that Obama believes unifying action means taking one side against the other, and somehow the newly oppressed won’t mind, or be afraid to speak up.  A Chicagoland’s view of unifying, perhaps– a definition clarified within the realm of political opportunism, fierce political paybacks and cronyism.

We’ve seen this attitude displayed in the way Eric Holder has shrugged off criticism of his handling of the Black Panther voter intimidation case, we’ve seen it directly in Obama in the unbelievably hypocritical way the President plays golf day after day, after years of criticizing Bush for the same thing. The staggering, mind blowing frequency of Obama’s golf forays, on the cusp of every crisis, gives the impression that the lesson Obama wants to impart is that the sport of clubhouse Golf, with its long history as the white man’s game, is something he can master.   It’s symbolism, you see, to people who are looking for symbols.  And Obama, we all know, is a man attuned to the power of symbols.  Strangely, the media is now silent about all the golf playing.  It only mattered before Obama, for some reason.  Just like being best pals with Tony Rezko might have really mattered to Someone’s election once, if Someone was, let’s say, a Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum.

When a person becomes brave enough to note the subtle perpetuation, the escalation, of race issues with and by the current administration, the response is swift and predictable.  They will know the crushing media narrative: whites have their lives handed to them at birth in gilded baskets lined with soft silk and cashmere! Whites know no struggles, grades are theirs for the taking simple because their hair is blonde, jobs are plentiful because their eyes are blue.  Yes, that’s the way we are told things are.  It’s stereotypical, but who cares about stereotypes in race wars?  Stereotypes are bad, they only matter on one side apparently.

Sixty years ago, organizations that helped blacks achieve person-hood in the eyes of the law, that helped them mitigate great losses in the past, that helped them realize their full potential in society, were of great benefit and need.  But today, the pendulum has swung past, and they are no longer useful – they are hurtful not only to those whom they supposedly serve, but to society as a whole.  There is no way around the truth:  these organizations are divisive, they perpetuate double standards, they elevate one group above another because to criticize one group is considered hateful, nearing a point now where the simple emotion of intense dislike is practically illegal.  Not only is it considered “wrong” to question the motives or ethics of organizations like NAACP, Little Africa or the Congressional Black Caucus, it is “right” to ridicule, single out, mark for target those who dare oppose the actions or activities of those groups.  Reasonable discussion?  Not under this President.

Where are the leaders who are willing to stand up and say “Enough!” For every Congressional Black Caucus, Black firefighter’s association, Black only beauty pageant and Black College, there should be no finger pointing, no outcry of “hate”, if a similar organization forms for non-blacks.  For every leftist crying for justice and equality and calling opponents “racists” –  fingers should point back at them crying even louder: “Hypocrite.”  Our political leaders are too scared, too uncomfortable in their own skin, to call it what it is:  a VERY HARMFUL double standard that exists to engage in political oppression, to use The Law to elevate the rights of one race over the rights of others.  To assume, to hope that the perpetuation of such blatant double standards won’t have consequences in the short and long term is foolish to the extreme.

Years ago, the country together encouraged the formation of black only organizations, at one time, it seemed necessary after decades of outright and subtle discrimination.  Like many things though, those groups have served their purpose, their mission is complete.  Their usefulness now is only vengeance and abuse of power.

Besides, we have a new form of discrimination to counter.  In the newest form of discrimination, the victims are targeted 24/7 on multiple cable channels – to make certain that the masses fully understand who the new Master is, and not to cross him:  The Emperor of Progressivism.  Should you want to point out that the Emperor has no clothes, be prepared to face the Emperor’s army, which will attack you from all sides.

Jonah Goldberg writes:

You may recall that when Joe Wurzelbacher was approached by Barack Obama entirely accidentally, he became something of a political celebrity for having a philosophical disagreement with the president over spreading the wealth around and all that. Before long, the mainstream press went to battle stations to discredit the man. He didn’t even have a plumber’s license! (didn’t need one in Ohio). He had financial problems! He was a fraud! An astroturf plant! Blah blah blah. The Democrats, likewise, were unrestrained in their efforts to ridicule the man. Here’s Joe Biden ridiculing Wurzelbacher (and offering a tendentious argument about taxes)…

When average citizens are thrust into the political debate, they are heroes — if they confirm prevailing liberal arguments. When they run against the grain of the preferred narrative, they are ground down, caricatured, and treated to corrosive media skepticism.

Sarah Palin is one thing that many others aren’t, a leader who isn’t afraid to embrace the truth. She has no problem calling a hypocrite a hypocrite – and for that she is constantly under attack.  Sandra Fluke, a captain in the army of the Emperor, (a long time political activist for so-called “Women’s Rights”) was called a “slut” and a “prostitute” by Rush Limbaugh and the armies rallied on her behalf.  Limbaugh is under siege from all directions.  Yet Palin was publicly called “a cunt”, comedians laughed about her being gang raped and her youngest daughter getting impregnated by a middle aged man – and the name-callers and evil wishers on the left simply laughed.  Allahpundit writes at Hot Air:

I confess, after years of “teabagger” snickering, grotesque fingerpointing over the Tucson shooting, and most recently the high-fiving on Twitter over Breitbart’s death, it’s increasingly difficult to blog about these sporadic “civility” lectures. What’s left to say? They’re frauds. They care about “tone” precisely to the extent that it can be exploited to electoral advantage and no further. To write about it even to dump on them for it is to give them more credit than they deserve.

But we have to write about it, don’t we? Otherwise, there is zero chance of stopping the injustice.  But we need to do more than write about it.  We need leaders to do something about it.  We need legislative correction.

For every action there is an opposite reaction.  The pendulum has swung far one way and it will swing far to the other if we don’t grab it mid-swing and reset it.  We are setting ourselves up for dire consequences if we don’t.   No Emperor and his willing armies should have free reign to suppress – to discriminate.   Years of discrimination will have consequences, and the next generation will have its own ideas.

Surely this generation doesn’t need to wait for the next to solve every problem.


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2 Comments on “Double Standards and the Hypocrisy of the Left”

  1. thedukeofsense Says:

    Wow. The pendulum analogy is one I’ve argued time adn time again. Glad to see it coming from someone other than me. Great post, I’ll be following you. :)



  2. ktchristine416 Says:

    You are one of my new favorite people! haha :) But really, dead on. Following!



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