Ron Paul is Trying to Help the GOP Save Itself

If they’d only listen.

On CNN this morning, Ron Paul called Santorum a pretend conservative who holds himself out as a social conservative at the same time he votes for Planned Parenthood.  Says Paul, “I don’t see how anybody can get away with that inconsistency”:

“His voting record is … from my viewpoint, an atrocious voting record — how liberal he’s been in all the things he’s voted for over the many years he was in the Senate and in the House,” Paul said.

Reiterating his belief that social issue discussions are not the purview of the federal government – just as insurance is a marketplace issue, not a federal issue – he questions the GOP’s insistence at making this an election year focus.

Paul dismissed the recent debate over contraception entirely, saying that while the other candidates discuss birth control, he’s concerned with “the undermining of our civil liberties, the constant wars going on” and the debt.

Paul said the focus on social issues is a fundamental problem and an unwise fight for the GOP.

“I think it’s a losing position,” he said. “I talk about it because I have a precise understanding of how these problems are to be solved,” on a state-specific level, he said.

It’s Sunday now. Can I hear an “Amen!” What sensible person can find fault with that position?

I’m not standing in applause at the VA GOP’s current headlong rush to hang itself on the altar of abortion – an important issue to be sure but not one that should take priority at this crucial moment in time.  Should the General Assembly enact its social issue agenda this session, I may not be in support of some of them, but at least the discussion and regulations were imposed where they ought to be, at the state level. This national debate on contraception, on abortion – is just mind boggling. It never stops, and it never will, and we will continue to be entangled in this never ending controversy while our fiscal problems escalate beyond repair.

While I may disagree with Ron Paul on his policies toward Iran, and the removal of insane lunatics who think their personal legacy to the world is to usher in Armageddon – when it comes to liberty, and the effect that debt has on it, he’s the only one talking common sense.


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One Comment on “Ron Paul is Trying to Help the GOP Save Itself”

  1. thedukeofsense Says:

    Sara has love for Ron Paul? I’m tickled pink…err…red white and blue. NOT pink. ;-)



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