Evading the Online Predators

February 18, 2012

Tea Party/Liberty

Death traps.

I’ve posted a lot about privacy concerns with Google and Facebook.  But this new tool I read about in the comment section at Hot Air supposedly allows users to see just how many of our favorite sites collect personal information for advertising uses – and to block them straight up!

Via Vodkapundit:

Do Not Track Plus — just go and download it right now. It’s a free browser plugin for all the bigs. Not only does it block companies from tracking your web browsing, it really speeds up your page load times.

Popular Mechanics has nine different trackers on its site, which might explain why it tends to suck so much. Well, not for me, not anymore.

UPDATE: Slate and Daily Caller top the charts with an even dozen apiece. I suspected Drudge would have been one of the worst offenders, but Drudge Report is at a relatively benign four.

I’m installing it, and will let you know whether it speeds up my browser as some claim it does – and how many pages won’t load at all, due to a carnivorous desire for digital flesh!

It will be interesting to see how the big trackers will get around this, too.  After all, our lives are their livelihoods.

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2 Comments on “Evading the Online Predators”

  1. Joe Cacciotti Says:

    I downloaded this, but I see it only reconizes Explorer and not Firefox, which I use as my browser. Maybe a upgrade will becoming.



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