Scarlett’s Grapevine an Untrusted Source in Battle

Coming from unofficial and often unknown sources, news on the grapevine was properly viewed with skepticism. Soldiers in the Civil War used grapevine to mean “gossip” and “rumor,” news that was not to be trusted. ~

Just take my little ol’ word for it!  It’s true, boys, I swear!

The Yankees are marching toward Richmond, but dear Scarlett is still focused on Ashley.   There are enough of the local boys doing battle at home to keep Tara running, but oh, just barely.

Since Scarlett is a woman scorned, she is furious at Ashley; all the local fellows, jealous for attention and full of robust energy trying to make a name for themselves, will stop at nothing to make sure she gets what she wants!   But Scarlett, being a novice at anything except giving orders on the plantation, is often outmaneuvered on the battle lines.

Rhett-State just smiles when that happens, because he thinks Scarlett is just a little silly and in over her head, anyway, even with the heavy drapes on to disguise her real predicament.

Rhett-State, who isn’t easily deceived, finds the presentation amusing

Scarlett showed how far she’ll go for Tara, recently.  She had one of her couriers deliver a message about Ashley, in order to be distributed to troops far and wide, in hopes they would join forces to rally around her.  Instead, the message was interpreted in not the way Scarlett and her foot soldiers intended, no not in the least!  Oh it was a debacle.

The observant field commander, a true Virginia gentleman named White, didn’t  pass the message on – but took the time to read it!  And this took Scarlett’s supporters certainly by surprise, as to date they have been accustomed to those who simply scan their orders, believing that what Scarlett says to be true, is always simply true.  Gone with the Wrenn!

White was sorely astounded by what he read, and so in response carefully drafted, a thoughtful reprimand to Tara, while reminding patriots to pay close attention to the source of posts, because couriers from Tara are engaging in outright deception and disinformation  in order to boost the fortunes of one plantation only, not the entire cause!  Oh my!

White picked up his own pen, and making a compelling case against Scarlett’s dishonest claims, wrote his rebuttal:

This is even worse than I thought before I looked into it. These are lies, distortions and half-truths. To be honest, I thought that must be some merit to some of these “charges”. But anyone repeating this list is guilty of deception. This is nothing short of a smear tactic.

…….. This is the biggest bunch of malarkey I have ever seen between people who are supposed to be on the same side in this fight. Winning is one thing, but this is simply disgusting and shameful. And, frankly, embarrassing.

A reminder to freedom fighters: Lazy reliance on the untrusted grapevine will cause many casualties in the battle ahead, and our opponents are already gathering forces in DC…  Eyes on the prize, soldier!

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