U.S. Considers UN Treaty on Mercury

October 27, 2011

Catch All, Tea Party/Liberty

Yes, boss.

Fill the hole in the head, first, please

The United States is currently weighing support for a United Nations treaty that could force dentists to change materials used in fillings.

Talk about a precedent.  Allowing the UN to dictate what US doctors cannot use – or MUST USE –  medically, opens the doors to limits on anything a foreign group deems reckless or unsafe.   I can think of other cavities a group of Marxists would like to get their hands onto – particularly when it comes to limiting population.

There is no debate about mercury’s toxicity, mostly in emissions from burning coal or tainted fish.  It is found in small amounts in many household products:  Batteries, light bulbs and thermometers.   If the US decides to ban any item it deems a threat to public safety, it can and often does so, but to allow a group of foreign scientists to dictate something that is found in many US products (and in the mouths of millions of Americans), is just another acknowledgement that we aren’t as free, independent, or sovereign as most of us like to think we are.

This treaty is the culmination of three years of Obama administration efforts to bring about a legally binding international treaty to reduce mercury pollution.  In 2009, Daniel Reifsnyder, the deputy assistant secretary of state for environment and sustainable development, told a conference of environmental ministers gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, that the US would focus on this issue and look to have a treaty signed within three years.

Why the Obama administration is so keen to limit mercury use across the globe, while at the same time mandating CFL bulb use in America – with a mercury content that is nothing to laugh at (enough to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen) – is beyond me.


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