Targeted Intimidation, Obama Fundraising Tool

October 9, 2011

Tea Party/Liberty

Strongarming the masses.

Information is power

In Obama’s never ending quest to look more like a third world dictator, his campaign is now raising cash through intimidation.

The Obama campaign is testing a new approach to fundraising, blasting out emails that ever-so-gently shame supporters into donating.

Before the end of the third-quarter fundraising deadline last month, the campaign sent around specially tailored messages to those on their email list who hadn’t yet contributed to President Obama’s 2012 reelection fund. Campaign Manager Jim Messina urged them to chip in, by pointing out how many of their neighbors had already done so.

An email sent to a New York recipient read as follows: “Here’s something you don’t have in common with 15,049 other supporters of this movement who tell us they live in New York, NY.”

Messina went on to say that all those donors “had their own personal reason for giving,” and reiterated that “our records show that you aren’t one of the 15,049 people where you’re from who have stepped up for 2012.

Sure, you might laugh and say, “Well, try that on me! I’d never be coerced into donating with a pitch like that”. Consider the less astute, the ones who reflexively give to the “police association” fundraising calls, because they are intimidated into it.  Those who are afraid that if they say “no”, the police will be a bit slower to act if they’re ever in trouble– or worse — the police will strategically target their radar gun in retribution next time they take a Sunday drive.

Imagine how easily the “shame you into donating” pitch might get taken to the next step, especially if the White House gets its hands on our medical records.

Dear Laura, our records show that you had a urinary tract infection last month. Here at the Obama campaign we are fighting to end urinary tract infections, and we need your help.


Dear John, our records show that five of your neighbors are still smokers. Here at the Obama campaign we are fighting to raise health standards and bring down health costs for all Americans. Your children, Pat and Sue, deserve that much, don’t you agree? Join the Smiths, the Hills, the Andersons, the Bradleys ….. in our fight to rid your neighborhood of selfish tobacco users.

And finally, this.

Dear Bob,  we’re sorry to learn that you have non-operable prostate cancer.  Since you are childless please consider donating to our campaign, knowing that your dollars will go to electing those who will fight for things that most matter to you.  Which, according to our records, are dogs, women’s lingerie, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Apparently not with this administration.

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One Comment on “Targeted Intimidation, Obama Fundraising Tool”

  1. laura1016 Says:

    Hey Obama,
    How did you know about that urinary tract infection? As you know, I was in the Dominican Republic, so I walked to the pharmacia and just purchased some Cipro without a doctor’s visit or prescription.
    What? You know that too? And you added ‘pre-existing bladder disease’ it to my medical records?
    What’s that? So, now I’m on a list of people whose prescriptions will be pre-screened?
    And I have to talk to a nurse/social worker at least once a month for medical monitoring?
    And you know I gained weight from the ‘all inclusive hotel’.
    Please Obama, don’t tell Michelle how much I ate and drank on vacay. Please. You know how much I love me some mimosas.
    Listen, just between you and me, how about I just make a healthy donation to your campaign? You think that might straighten things out?
    Yes, yes, I’m writing that check now. You said all is forgiven and you hope that the Lotrimin is clearing up the foot fungus from vacation?
    Bye, bye now, Laura



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