Fleeing Facebook Crack, Part 2: The Apps

Sometime in the future….

Within the Matrix, reloaded

I’m not in the mood to do Wellness today but the apps are watching.

I fear and despise them, all tied into The App, constantly counting my calories, monitoring everything from the rate of my heart to my power usage, checking me in and out all day long.   I wish I could lie and tell The App I had hummus for breakfast, but it knows I don’t have any hummus in the frig, and that I haven’t made any purchases of it since last August.  It keeps reminding me to eat the apple that’s been in there for a week, but I’m going to let it rot.  I don’t care, let The App take away my food points for wastefulness.   “Eat the apple, it is Good for you!” — that’s the annoying message The App keeps flashing on the Tablet.

At least I was given permission to skip Wellness last week, well, not really, my friend, a hacker, was able to access the Department of Wellness records online and change the code from Required to Voluntary for one week only.  The instructor is a nazi who is totally sold out to The App, and assumes we all are, too.  What ever happened to being able to choose our own path, or even to deviate from it once in a while, without The App knowing?

I’m grateful to the hacker, he’s the best kind of friend to have.  Everybody wants to know one, secretly.  I would love to live like a hacker, so I could erase things, but it’s way too late for that now….

I was fined 310 points last week from my All Account, for negativity.  I can’t imagine what it was like before, when people had their own accounts, and the apps didn’t monitor and record what they said, and thought, and liked and disliked….  When people actually had a card, their own cards, they could use to buy and sell from whoever they wanted to!  Anywhere!   And no point deductions for deviating from the apps’ recommendations (we all know they aren’t recommendations, not anymore) …… What were people thinking back then, why did they allow the apps, and The App to take over?  Why did they become convinced that it was so wrong to want to be a person, all their own person, to want to keep their thoughts to themselves?  What I wouldn’t give for privacy, but I need to be careful not to say that word aloud.   It’s very frowned upon, to think about privacy.   I’d like to be hateful about it, but The App monitors my emotions and it can see the hate.  It will take off 100 points for hate and I can’t afford that.  I need the points so I can get a Special.

I think I’m going to use my Special for meat, for me and my boyfriend.   The App put us together because it thought we were very compatible.  The App knows everything about everybody so it only makes sense.  Now that private transport is illegal, except for those in charge of the apps, most young people meet at the Enviro, if they even bother to go off The Tablet. Or the Global Institute of Learning, but so few are allowed there.  I wasn’t permitted because of the things I have thought and what has been recorded.

Sigh…..I wish I could change things, but they are part of  The App now, and I can’t do anything about it.   People used to have so many choices.  I can’t imagine how wonderful that must have been.  I would never choose this.


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