Obama’s Gonna Do What He’s Gonna Do

June 27, 2011

Tea Party/Liberty

Whether America likes it or not.

More undeclared wars….on Congress, even.

Call off the elections, who needs Congress?

Oh, that’s right, we need someone to name the libraries and go to parties on our behalf.


After talking with his pals at the U.N., Obama sends the air force to Libya and then engages in something that supposedly isn’t war but looks like it.  (Congress eventually decides to fund it, so as not to make themselves seem irrelevant to China.)

Congress says no to the Dream Act, but  through Executive Order, Obama implements it anyway.

The Senate says hell no! to Cap and Trade, but Obama has made promises to the UN that he needs to keep.  He gives the EPA stunning power under Climate Control Czar Carol Browner who has never received Congressional approval.

Obama gets rebuked in the 2010 midterms, but his advisers don’t see it that way, thinking it instead somehow suggests Americans want him to move forward with his agenda.   The new model for elections is that they matter only when they go the way you want them to, like in Venezuela.

“One of the best ways for the Obama administration to achieve results of that nature, in the short term, is through substantial executive authority to make and implement policy,” Podesta said. “As noted in the Constitution and the laws of the United States give the president the ability and the responsibility to act as the chief executive using authorities granted to all presidents such as executive orders, rule-makings, agency management and public-private partnerships.”

Obama is now said to be “exploring potential changes to gun laws that can be secured strictly through executive action,” according to administration sources.  Nevermind that Americans are guaranteed the right to own guns under  the 2nd  Amendment and that Congress still has some members who aren’t so open to “hope and change”.

Congress, who?

It’s even being floated that Obama might just ignore Congressional action on the debt ceiling,  continue to sell securities, and dare someone to do something about it.   Impeachment?  (Why that would be mean.)  The first African American President, and the first African American President to be impeached. That’s a lot of mention in the history books.

Here’s the question:  If Congress is just window dressing, why waste time worrying about who we send via the US Senate and House elections?  Mr. Magoo will do fine.

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One Comment on “Obama’s Gonna Do What He’s Gonna Do”

  1. James "turbo" Cohen Says:

    Obama is not the first black president.. Lets nominate Herman Cain and let a real black president make history and scuttle the sociopath leftists.



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